Financial beliefs of your own makes you or breaks you

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

It is time to recognize that the path you have followed in the past has been a great determinant of who you are now just like the one you follow now will establish your future.

This path though has all kinds of beliefs as elements that guide the way you make judgments and decisions regarding all matters of your life.

Your financial beliefs too resemble those of many people that are based on the past and present experiences that empower us to commit our money on one thing while ignoring the other.

Just like an individual is different from another, so is their financial beliefs and you must evaluate what yours are.

These can break you or build you find out more

Getting rich and famous fast, requires me to be an executive manager

You must have met these irrational young graduates who talks and thinks nothing short of riches, high job ranks and fame.

This forms part of their financial beliefs system that is good but destructive. There is no single way to convince them that even a smaller job can get them to the top as well.

You can not get to the last or first floor of the building without either using the staircase or the elevator.

It is difficult, stressing and time consuming to use the stairs of your way up to those corporate ladder, but one has a chance to great knowledge and experiences adequate to qualify as an executive.

Today's graduate wants to use the elevator because they are carried all the way up and down the building, and the same way they are honored in person and in paychecks as executives.

It is for this reason that you find young ladies in destructive office affairs with their bosses because of greed of loads of money in no time, whose end is job termination and tarnished reputation.

If they become victims of obvious unemployment, Psychiatrists get an abundant job to do.

I better neglect my belly, trek to my place of work so I can save everything

This is happening more nowadays due to the huge inflation rates world over.

Many people are taking in these oppressing financial beliefs system on grounds of saving more.

I heard people chatting about a friend of theirs who for a period of many months survived on an empty belly, yet trekking to work daily.

They were saying that whenever the hunger would go to the extremes, he could buy some cheap cakes and a cup of tea with milk.

This particular day, they were coming from hospital to visit him after suffering severe intestinal damage. You see the stomach had nothing to digest more often that not and this made the intestines shrink and rot.

All the savings he had made covered his hospital expenses. Is this man not imprudent? He could have lost his life saving money that belongs to the world.

If I do not make intelligent financial decisions now, my children will suffer later

A good financial belief yes, but how well have you involved your children in your financial decisions?

You see, being on their side is today; right this minute, but tomorrow your existence might be history.

The children are generally the future, these financial skills and intelligence while deciding on my money should be at their finger tips.

It will be a waste of time, sweat for you as a parent to watch helplessly as your children become irresponsible adults in relation to money matters.

Moreover, it will hurt those who knew and appreciated your hard work when the same children squander all your efforts while your departed to the next life.

If I spend this cash I have now what will I eat tomorrow?

It is human to worry about tomorrow; the clothes to wear, food to eat, money for my child support, my retirement expenses among others.

This makes us fear spending the money we have now because our financial belief about life after today plagues us.

The surprising thing though is that, after we convince our minds these things, the money just find its way out of our pockets and that important matter we needed to attend to keep stressing us.


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