Features of the New Med Alert System

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Aging is an irreversible process. When our parents grow old we are worried about their safety while they are at home or when they go for their routine walks. Wherever they go we are always worried that they should be safe. To enhance the safety of old people many alerting systems have cropped up which insure the safety of the older generation. One of them is prodigy med alert system which alerts the required personnel when in need.
The setup of [prodigy is quite simple. It hardly takes 15 minutes to set up this alert system. All that is required is a landline telephone and power connection. You can program this system with required numbers for emergency contact, minimum 1 and maximum 8. This system can also be connected with 911 as the system complies with their system. Now register the pendant number and your old age parents are in safe hands. This system provides a facility to record an emergency message too. These are basic features however advanced versions are also available like social safety, wellness check etc.
The pendants are light and water resistant. It is easy to operate your prodigy med alert system. It is basically made up of two parts:
Console: it is the fixed part which is attached to the landline and is required to be connected with power. This console has the required software to record emergency messages etc. many advanced formats are also available in the console system and this has to be fixed at a convenient place in the house.
Pendant: the pendant has a blue emergency button which the wearer can press at any time. When this button is pressed the first person’s phone is immediately informed and if that is unreachable the next person is informed and so on. There is a function through which the aged person can dial 911 directly if he/she feels the need of dire emergency.
These med alert systems are full proof and are aimed to provide better security to the old people. There are certain goals of these med alert systems like:

Reliability: the system is quite reliable and hence the people surrounding the aged are quite relaxed and can focus on their work more.
Focus: the prodigy system focuses on the safety of the old people
Simplicity: the simple operations of this system make it quite popular
Compatibility: this system is quite compatible with all landlines and can be installed anywhere.
Shelf Life: the life of this med alert is long and hence need not be replaced regularly.
Usability: the major feature of the prodigy med alert equipments is its usability which aims at the safety of the old people and hence the comfort of the people who use them.
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