Facts We Should Know About Sex and Spirituality

Dr. Purushothaman
July 22, 2018

Sex has been time and again portrayed as a medium of ultimate delight and pleasure in the popular culture. Seldom is it understood as a manifestation of spirituality. Sex is the holy act of two souls blending and merging into one. The sexual drive in humans meant for reproduction is called ‘libido’, the translation of which means ‘life force’. And well, having spiritual sex can rewire your back with your center and higher altitudes of consciousness.

Sexual intimacy is a divine gift intended to bring a better understanding and gratitude towards ourselves and also to our relationship with each other and God himself.

Here are some facts that we should know about sex and spirituality that will help us broaden and deepen our spiritual dimensions.

Facts About Sex and Spirituality

  • Sex is Not about Two Bodies but Two Souls

Sex unites not only two bodies, but ties two souls together. During sexual union, there is a strong merger between flesh and spirit. Moreover, sex is a tri-dimensional experience where the soul, spirit and body unify. When you get intimate with someone, you let them in on your life and your bond with them. It is not just a bodily need, but an expression that goes deeper and spiritually touches the soul.

  • Sexual Intimacy is an Expression of Spirituality

Sex is sacred owing to its role in accessing crowning experiences of love, healing, oneness and bonding. Sexual energy is the creative and primal energy of the universe. All things that are alive come from a certain kind of sexual energy. The actions of two people piecing together in sexual intimacy mirrors the unity of all creation and also that of the creator.

  • Pleasure is God-glorifying

Sexual wellbeing is God glorifying. Everything that is existent is under the control of His sovereignty. Approaching sex with awe and reverence is what must be done and we must not address it with embarrassment and timidity. To lead a spiritual life that God has laid for us, you need to respect and embrace respect your sexuality in the same way as any other part of nature. Every pleasurable thing is designed for a deep spiritual purpose. They are meant to remind you of him.

Doesn’t this make you think that instead of an obstacle, sex could actually be a pathway that leads you to a spiritual life? These facts break our barriers of the belief that sexuality and spirituality are opposing forces. Sex is, in fact, a sanctified expression of nature’s life force and the secret of creation.

How Can Living In Wellbeing Help?

If you need to dig further into this theory, you could consult a sexual counselor or consider logging onto websites that specialize in online sexual counselling in India. One such website is Living in Wellbeing which is widely popular for providing online sexual counselling in Kerala.

The experts will help you get an insight into the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a healthy sex life. It is important to understand that anyone who tries to make you feel humiliated about sex and sexuality on the whole is an enemy of your spiritual growth.

So do not hesitate to consult a sexual counselor for any issues related to sexual wellbeing. We maintain complete privacy for all our patients. The sessions are held one to one with the expert so that you can openly talk about your problems and come up with a solution. Remember good sexual wellbeing equals to a healthy and happy life!

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