Factors Of Attraction Psychology

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

A woman's brain and a man's brain are very different. As men we think very logical and base attraction on appearance.? This is why when we see a hot girl our auto response is "I want to have sex with her" without knowing ANYTHING about her, not even her name.

Women on the other hand make decisions based on emotion or how they feel in relation to a certain person or situation.? This is what makes picking up women so easy!

You just need to know what to do to make her "feel" a certain way towards you and she's putty in your hands!

Think about it, how many times have you seen a woman with a guy who you can tell treats her badly or they seem to fight all the time? You see this all the time!

Logically she may know that he doesn't treat her right or that they fight all the time but he makes her "feel" a certain way and that is what makes her attracted to him!? She can't help it!

I'm going to be very honest with you right now, if you can't handle beautiful women practically begging for you to have sex with them then my book is not for you.

I'm serious, women are going to be trying to jump you every chance they get all because of the strong emotional attraction you'll be able to build with them within seconds of meeting them!

I'm giving you all the secrets you need, everything Grab A Copy Click here I've learned in over 4 years of learning from the best, plus night after night of trial and error social experiments so that you can go out and get laid TONIGHT!
At best mainstream information tells you how to treat a woman once you are in a relationship but there is no mainstream information that even comes close to telling you how to attract her initially.
You can learn these life skills that are necessary to become successful with women.? This is where I can help you.

I've spent the last four years perfecting and honing my techniques for attracting women. I now have it down to a complete science but I've never really shared what I've learned with anybody else.
This really struck a chord with me and I realized how selfish I was being by keeping this information just to myself when it could potentially help thousands of guys who have the same problems attracting women I used to have.
This book sets the record straight on exactly what you need to get this area of your life handed and dispels all mainstream myths and I tell you the right ways to attract women that will really get you results.
You are about to learn to attract an abundance of women into your life and I want you to be confident that you have complete knowledge of how to give a woman extreme pleasure!

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