Essential Facts Concerning Emotional Freedom Technique

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

Among psychiatric conditions, anxiety disorders are the most commonly seen. Research shows that roughly 16% of Americans are affected by anxiety issues. Specific phobia is among these anxiety issues and it is seen to affect about 11% of the populace. The majority of phobia patients won't seek out professional help. They often just learn to manage their anxiety. The interruption of their lives is truly the major reason why people with extreme phobias seek out professional help.

The traditional techniques of dealing with phobias make use of distraction and a method called desensitization. Plans that can help deal with anxiety were just recently developed. Two of alternative treatments which use desensitization and distraction are Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This short article is specifically about EFT.

EFT is categorized as an alternative treatment strategy. The procedure entails tapping or rubbing the 'acupuncture points' or 'meridian points' while the patient talks about the things that cause her or him to feel fear.

SRMPH or The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice posted a study about the effects of EFT. For the reason that earlier studies on EFT didn't follow the scientific method, they were ignored by the scientific community. In the study, 119 undergraduate kids were chosen as test subjects. Four groups were organized from the 119 students. EFT was implemented on the first cluster. The 2nd cluster was given placebo. The third group received a modeling treatment. The 4th and final group became the control group. The research concluded that EFT may in fact succeed in treating anxiety. Even so, the research workers attributed the success to the similarity of EFT with the classic specific phobia treatment methods. Distraction and merely talking about the emotional issue will have positive effects on the patient.

Other researches about EFT also reported positive results. Nevertheless, a number of these journals are no longer printed. The organizations that backed a number of these studies are partial towards alternative treatment, some critics claim.

A website concerning natural remedies has an interesting discussion happening about the several experiments carried out on EFT. The majority of the research studies carried out do state that EFT works. Nevertheless, these same studies also point out that EFT works not as a result of the so-called meridian points or acupuncture points. If you suffer fear, then EFT is actually something you might like to take a look at. EFT doesn't involve drugs which could have harmful side effects and it definitely works.

Sometimes we simply need to keep an open mind. The fact is what we already know is genuinely very minimal and we simply can't be too certain about our long-held opinions. It's quite harmless to experiment with therapies that don't demand consuming anything. Certainly, the best way to figure out if it works is to check it out.

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