Entry Alerts: Many Choices in Securing your Home

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Entry alerts are products designed to signal when someone or something has entered an area. They are usually used on doorways, but can also be used in driveways or other openings. They can be used inside or outside. To fit the many different needs consumers may have these alert systems made in a variety of styles and designs.
There are three basic categories of entry alerts, sensor, alert and activation. These different alarms all have basic features and designs that make them ideal for use in certain situations. You should always choose an alert system that works with your intended use. This will allow you to make a perfect match that suits your needs and meets your expectations.
Sensor style systems include an invisible beam, motion detector and door entry censors that alert you to the opening of a door. A sensor style alert works well for business use. It is an immediate alert that sounds as soon as someone enters the doorway or opens the door. The system either works through the use of an invisible beam or motion detector which senses the entry and then communicates back to the system to create the alarm sound. Alarm sounds are most commonly a ding or bell like sound that only occurs the second the sensor detects entry.
The next type of system is an alert type. This type of system uses a wireless remote alert chime or a local door alarm. The alert system can be used for sensing entry in remote areas. It can be set up so that you can hear it throughout a building. This type of system is often used for driveways or in a large business space where employees may not always be right up front to see customers enter the shop.
Activation type systems include alerts for door openings, motion activation within an area and mechanical style alarms. These systems can be used for a wide variety of applications. They can serve multiple purposes and are often used within security systems verses use as an alert to entry.
The application of such alert systems in business use, are pretty obvious. You have probably seen such alarms used in small or medium sized businesses. They are an extension of customer service and help to ensure that customers are greeted and attended to quickly. Since employees cannot always be right there to see every customer enter, so an alarm will serve to let them know someone has entered the business and they can then greet them.
In home use, entry alerts can be helpful to keep aware of people entering your home. They are often useful for elderly who may not be able to hear a knock at the door. The chime of the alarm is usually adjustable and therefore can be made loud enough for anyone to hear. They can also serve as a safety alarm that alerts you to someone entering your home or onto your property.

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