Engineers and Their Natural Curiosity

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

There is no problem on this face of the earth that has no solution. A problem exists so that it can be solved and so that somebody would come up with a solution that would be helpful in clearing doubts and tackling the particular problem. Engineers by nature are slightly weird people and think differently than others.

There are several things about an engineer that make them unique and different from other people and thus every engineer must take it as a duty to work towards the improvement and betterment of different things in society. One thing that steps apart engineers from anyone else in the world is their natural curiosity. Engineers are generally very curious in nature and that is what makes them special. Natural curiosity means an urge or a willingness to know something or to learn about something. This is a common phenomenon and very common in engineers.

What engineers are curious about is a very simple question to ask because the answer to that is everything. An engineer usually has innumerable questions about the functioning of everything around him and hence he/she tries very hard to find answers to all these questions. It is not only about science or technology they are curious about but everything around them. They even question the rising of the sun, always trying to find an answer that is more logical than the previous one. They also don't rely on feelings ever. No matter what curiosity they are trying to satisfy, they always want to do it with some proof.

They can't make hasty decisions and they need to make sure that they can prove everything they discover. They need a scientific explanation to satisfy all of their curiosity.
This natural curiosity observed in engineers is definitely not a bad thing. It is in fact the source and reason for all new discoveries and inventions. If there is no curiosity, there will be no urge to learn more and better, and hence the engineers would lose their touch and would not be able to discover anything new.

This curiosity is what keeps them going in every possible way so that they can become a better engineer every time and every day. An engineer without curiosity is like a singer without a mike. Hence, the curiosity of engineers needs to be always motivated and supported. Government and other people should make sure that they give enough support and resources to engineers so that they can work on their curiosity and come up with something new and better. If engineers are given the right resources to experiment and come up with something new, they can definitely change the face of the earth with their tools and knowledge.

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