Emotional Intelligence Self Coaching Skills Course

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

We all have the innate need to understand our own self. We also try doing this every day unknowingly. Since we are also embroiled in the emotional activity and the related melodrama we are not able to comprehend the nuances involved in the process. So, in order to understand our emotions, as individuals and as a race we need to have a scientific approach towards it instead of just trying to figure out emotional intelligence in a hit & miss method. A step by step systematic approach to decode the meaning of our emotions and related behaviour patterns enables us to simplify, first the challenges or problem areas and then develop the skills to apply appropriate tools to negotiate our emotions. This we can do by taking up a formal course, an emotional intelligence self awareness course. As the words suggest, an emotional intelligence course is designed to help us develop self awareness.
Taking up an emotional intelligence training course helps us in many ways and on many levels. It creates self awareness in us on one hand and in the process it also develops our ability to comprehend the emotional quotient in others, making us tolerant and sensitive towards others because the resulting awareness from an emotional intelligence training course provides us with the tools and methods to untangle the reasons for emotional behaviour, ours, and that of those we interact with. Tapping your emotional intelligence can lead to improvement in many areas of life. We become more capable of managing our emotional behaviour and also give our emotions a better direction to achieve the desired results. Our overall understanding of human emotions makes us better communicators, on all levels.
Again, a formal course can be of great help as it takes us to deeper understanding. First, we are able to comprehend emotions clearly, which leads to better engagement with them and then to increased understanding and finally, managing them. We become better performers, whatever our profession. If you are in sales, you sell more and with ease, if you are in production of goods you achieve higher output as result of dealing more efficiently with the workers. If you are in after sales team, your customers are far more satisfied than they were earlier. In your personal life too you start having more harmony in your relationships. In short you become a refined and better version of yourself and on one hand you are able to understand people with clarity, and at the same time they find you attractive, in all ways.

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