Emotional Freedom Technique

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

Among the psychiatric conditions, anxiety disorders are the most commonly seen. You're likely to be shocked to discover that 16% of the American population is in fact impacted by anxiety disorders. It was published that around 11% of the population is affected by an anxiety condition called specific phobia. Most phobia patients won't seek professional help. They generally just learn how to deal with their anxiety. The interruption of their lives is truly the main reason why individuals with severe fears seek out professional help.

It was found out that distraction and desensitization are both helpful in dealing with fears. There were programs recently designed to help deal with anxiety. Among these types of treatment programs are Thought Field Therapy and also Emotional Freedom Technique (TFT) involving distraction as well as desensitization. This post is specifically about EFT.

EFT is known as an alternative mediation method. In the process, the 'acupuncture points' or simply 'meridian points' are tapped or rubbed while the patient speaks about the fears or anxieties that trouble him.

An investigation was carried out concerning the effects of EFT and the findings were posted by SRMPH or The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice. For the reason that earlier research on EFT didn't really follow the scientific method, these were ignored by the scientific community. A team of 119 undergraduate students volunteered for the research. They were divided into 4 groups. Team 1 was subjected to EFT. The second cluster received placebo. The third group got a modeling treatment. Finally the very last team became the control group. EFT works as reported by the result of the research. The research workers, nonetheless, declared that EFT may have worked because of EFT's use of traditional methods in dealing with specific phobia. Good results can be achieved simply by using distraction and talking about one's difficulties can alleviate the emotional pressure.

Other studies about EFT also reported positive results. A number of these journals no longer can be found, however. One more criticism of these experiments is that a number of them have been financed by groups who're biased towards alternative therapy.

There's an interesting article at a natural remedies site - concerning the different research carried out on EFT. Take note that scientific tests do confirm the potency of EFT. The scientific tests point out that EFT works but they don't acknowledge that it works due to the stimulation of the so-called 'meridian points' or 'acupuncture points'. If you suffer from anxiety, then EFT is actually something you might like to examine. It does work and yes it doesn't entail using medications that may have unsafe side effects.

Being skeptical is only natural and it's great but EFT is worth trying.

Often we only have to keep an open mind. Occasionally, things that we feel won't work since they don't have virtually any scientific basis in fact do work. It's very harmless to experiment with remedies that don't demand ingesting anything. Try it out and see for yourself.

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