Emotional Freedom Technique Is True!

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

The world is hearing about the emotional freedom technique and its power to eradicate pain and illness. It enables a person to feel better inside and out. It isn't something you should buy in the grocery. It makes use of something that is already in you, lying dormant waiting for you to unleash and use it. This technique can be used regardless of your age, gender, class, and educational background.

Emotional Freedom Technique is institutionalized by Minister and Engineering graduate Gary Craig. Its purpose is to hinder the negative emotions you are feeling to also block the entry of negative consequences from destroying you. The method heals emotional and physical pain.

Sadly, not everybody is willing to learn this. The first enemy of this method is doubt. Will this really work? What is the scientific basis for this technique? Can I really do this? Doubt clouds your judgment and prevents you from getting the benefits.

Reject Doubts
If you really want to succeed in the Emotional Freedom Technique, you have to block the doubts. If others can do it, so can you. Position your belief in agreement to the healing. Tune your belief to the effectiveness of this method. Learn to love yourself no matter what. Accept all of you: your strengths and limitations. Do it for 30 days. You'll see that you'll feel better.

Positive Vibes Rule
Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts. You need this. You can achieve this. All of these things are becoming true. Put in mind the 3 thoughts stated below:
Affirmation - Affirm within yourself that thinking good thoughts would erase all pains, anxieties, illnesses, hurts, and bad pasts.
Claiming it - Claim that you have it already. Have faith that the universe will provide for what you want. Never for a single moment doubt it. Open your arms and be prepared to receive it.
Thanking the Universe - Thank the universe for giving it to you. Being grateful eases the heart and readies your body for the fulfillment of your desires.

The result of a clear and happy mind is physical and emotional well-being. You can get over your anger. You will no longer act on instinct but on logic and love. You already corrected your heart and are ready to receive your blessings.

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