Effectively Handling Personal Life Changes

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

Experiencing changes in one's life is often seen as an insurmountable task. No one likes going through changes. Not even those who have been through it and have reaped the blessings that came with making those changes. Why? Because going through change is akin to going through a re-birth. It is painful, uncomfortable and downright annoying. It interrupts your life as you know it, it leaves you feeling confused, angry and irritable. Although, if you are feeling all those feelings, chances are you are resisting the changes. How can a person resist change? How can a person effectively handle personal life changes? Well, first, we need to look at the varying ways changes can and will come about in our lives.

While some changes are thrust upon us, for example, losing a job, an illness, there are others that come about because of someone else in our lives is making a change, for example, your partner breaking up with you or they are proposing marriage, there are some changes that we consciously make in our lives. Changes are never negative even if you think they are. They are always positive. Now, not all changes will be welcomed with open arms, especially if it is someone else in your life that is making those changes. That is when you may begin to resist the change. You may want things to stay the same, but nothing stays the same forever. If you are the one that is consciously making a change in your life that means that you are not happy with the present conditions and you want something different, something better. It still doesn't matter how the change is coming about, the feelings are never pleasant because you are in effect dying to the old you and is being re-born into a new you. You are entering a transition phase. You are transitioning.

Change helps to move your lives forward. However, for your life to move forward it is important that change is seen as necessary for your growth. While the feelings brought on by change can be daunting, if you were to look at it as something that will propel your life forward rather than getting caught up in the unpleasant feelings and wishing for your old life back then you will be able to navigate the waters of change very well. Your emotions may overpower you, but practice relaxing when you feel those feelings of suffocating coming up.

It can be easy to get so wrapped up in your pain of change that you think that you are the only one going through what you are going through. The truth is while not everyone is experiencing the same exact problem, many individuals have gone through the change cycle and they know the pains and angst that goes with it. Sometimes it is good to just talk out your issues with a good friend or even a Mentor. Don't keep your pains to yourself and any feelings of discomfort. If someone doesn't want to listen to you then find someone else who will be understanding and will provide a listening ear. You will be surprised to find out that you are not the only one going through what you are going through. Remember, what you are going through is only temporary. Don't let a temporary situation become a permanent situation. See what you are going through as the change that it is and know that nothing lasts forever. We are Spiritual Beings having a Physical experience. So call upon your Spiritual Self, which is your higher self to help you maintain your calm through the storm. Your true power lies within you and it is only through your Spiritual self that you will be able to call upon your internal power and strength to help and guide you through the changes.

Fear of the unknown is also one of the main reasons why individuals are afraid of facing changes. Although they may not like where they are, it is comfortable and it is easier to stay with what you know. However, staying in a life that no longer works for you or one that you have outgrown, will only cause you more pain. So step into the unknown. Trust the process and trust in the knowledge that you can handle anything your life brings to you. Trust that when you jump off that figurative cliff into the unknown, you will grow wings on your way down. ###

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