Education in India: enriching the nation's future

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013

With education is a primary determinant of overall development in the emerging knowledge economy. To be more independent one must be well qualified and it is such important asset which enables you to lead a happy and successful life. Quality education is what we all desire and the success of a nation depends on its citizens. Today Indian has one of the strongest education systems in Asia. There is slight shift in literacy rate but gigantic efforts are on to achieve that level.

There are many other educational institutions other than government owned that are now imparting quality education. They are successfully imparting education to urban children.

But distance learning is an education enhancer as students from remote areas are unable to learn and grow. Those willing to pursue education from remote arrears have the opportunity to go for distance learning. Also keeping in mind the working professionals and their time constraints distance learning is now offered by various renowned universities. However, the quality aspects of the curriculum remain questionable in the absence of practical guidance. In spite of this it is emerging as a great and powerful educational program that is preferred by various people.

Even the Indian government has taken all the possible initiatives to impart education to children belonging to lower strata of the society. Schemes like mid day meal, operation black board and national literacy mission are among few initiatives taken by government in this direction to promote education and impart education. Quota for backward classes and others enable everyone to get the education without any discrimination.

There are innumerable sites offering information about various universities, schools and colleges. These sites are one-stop source for anyone seeking information on Indian Education. You can easily access relevant information online.

In developing nation like India education plays a crucial role in social development as well. An educated person is well aware about his social responsibilities towards his family and his nation.

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