Educate and Entertain Your Children

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013

Educate and Entertain Your Children
There are many times that parents may find themselves in need of help for ideas as to how to entertain their child at home. These are perfect opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their child and can build on their relationships as a family. Dr. Truddie Darden professor in pediatrics at the Morehouse School of Medicine says "Early interaction in child development is crucial. Parents need those opportunities so that they can keep those avenues of communication open. And you can make almost any activity educational". The times you have with your children is precious and are irreplaceable.
As children play they are learning. This way the children are more interested in the activity and learn by doing things that interest them. Parents are to be the role models and help the children to relate the activities to something they want to do. Parents can play problem-solving games, make it fun, and these skills will be ones that the children will eventually need in the classroom. Times are different and in mostly all household both parents work, making "play" time less available. Parents should take advantage of the unexpected moments such as in the car, getting dinner prepared, at bath time, or bed time. All these moments are also moments that the children will benefit from just spending time with their parents.
"Many of the children are here ten hours a day, we always offer activities and conversation starters and encourage the parents to do some at home educational reinforcements with their child so that they can interact with them for the few hours they are together at night", states Dawn Acosta director of Star child Academy. It does not cost much to play and teach your child, many activities can be made at home and even just communication will bring the family together to learn from each other.
Some activities parents can do with their children to motivate learning are playing board games, making puzzles together, card games for math skills, reading as a family, playing word games, some educational computer sites such as, and getting outside, going for nature walks, bike riding, or playing sports. Through all of these activities the children are using their brains, learning, exploring their social skills, and interacting with their family.

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