Drug Rehabs and Support Systems for Effective Addiction Recovery

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Numbers of drug rehab facilities and addiction recovery programs conducted across the world are rising steadily and this is indicative of how widespread the problem of drug and alcohol abuse is. Such cases are always in the news, some make headlines, some don’t. And, we somehow manage to pass this as yet another social ill, but simply tagging it as a social problem like any other is a wrong way to look at addiction issues. Unlike other social problems that begin from an individual level and later spread across the society, this problem has its roots in the society itself. So, battling addiction and drug abuse effectively requires more than an individual’s will. A support system is the best way to help a sufferer to walk towards successful addiction recovery and many drug rehabs use this formula to treat their patients out of addiction.

Choose effective drug rehabs

Rehab can be distinguished from a good rehab by its sheer approach and treatment plans. For a quick look, these are what a good drug rehab must offer:

Detox program

Special addiction programs

Holistic treatment modalities

Family program

Aftercare options

Discover the importance of family and friends

It is now widely acknowledged that the support of family and friends can help a great deal in drawing an individual out of addiction. As such, these collaborative programs are used by many rehabs to carry out an effective treatment. In these programs, not just the patient but even his/her family is subjected to counseling which helps to reveal the factors contributing to addiction and abuse, so you can actually play a major role in your loved one’s recovery.

Get educated

Educating the patients and their families is important too. It prepares you to understand the process of treatment and thus co-operating accordingly. Not just this, studying similar cases and learning about other successful recoveries can actually have a very positive impact. Educating yourself as a family is also necessary since it helps you to be better equipped in case of a relapse.

Encouragement is the key

Remember that treatment never stops with the end of a stay at the rehab since cases of relapse are not uncommon. The involvement of family and friends at this point in time can prove to be extremely crucial. As a family, you can keep the patient busy with healthy activities so that (s)he does not fall prey to temptation.

Learning to accept

Learning to accept the situations can help both, the patients and their families from day one. You must understand that patients suffering from addiction problems need lifelong care since chances of relapse cannot be ruled out completely. This can be mentally taxing for the patient’s family after having to cope with the stress of a long treatment procedure. So, accept the fact that the behavior of a patient can be erratic even after treatment. These times require some patience and care. Such a realistic approach can actually be therapeutic and lead to your loved one’s recovery.

So, with the proper drug rehab and some patience, you can give your loved ones the hope of a new life.

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