Drug Rehabilitation and Other Types of Drug Addiction Recovery Programs

Mid adult woman in bed, drugs in foreground

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

The practice of abusing substances or prescription drugs is nothing new. The problem of drug abuse as a social scar has also been a big concern for quite a few decades now. However, it is time to reconsider the entire scenario from a different point of view. What differentiates today from those days is that it is much easier today for someone to accept the fact that he/she is addicted to a particular substance.

The society is not that apathetic to the drug addicts as it used to be a few decades ago. However, friends and family, and well-wishers are more supportive. Once you accept that you have become addicted, and now you are willing to quit drug abuse, you will be helped by everyone.

It is not at all very difficult to recover from your habit of drug addiction. There are numerous drug addiction recovery programs that will work wonder in helping you overcome addiction. What is most important is your genuine willingness to give up the ill habit of abusing drugs and overcome addiction. You can seek medical help or professional drug rehabilitation courses. You have to visit a drug rehabilitation center at least once. However, you may not choose to stay over there. If conditions are not too serious for you, you need not stay at the rehabilitation center since you can carry on with the courses of medicine at home.

Drug Addiction Recovery Programs: Detox Treatment

This is the first phase of treatment for one who has started growing mental and physical reliance on a particular substance. The detox treatment process frees the body of all elements that make the person feel like having the drug again. Thus, the addicted person is freed from the urge to consume the drug and overcomes addiction. This process of drug rehabilitation usually continues for a few weeks.

Inpatient or Residential Recovery Programs

Inpatient or residential recovery programs are for those who are suffering severely addicted to one or multiple drugs or substances. They need to be rehabilitated to a recognized drug rehabilitation center, where they undergo psychotherapy as well as necessary medication. The time the patients usually take to recover from drug addiction depends on how his/her body has been affected by the substance, how the body reacts to the medicines applied and also the willingness of the patient to recover from addiction.

Outpatient Recovery Programs

Outpatient recovery programs are for those addicts who needs drug addiction recovery programs but is not so seriously addicted that he/she has to be rehabilitated. Such patients are permitted to stay at home and continue with their daily work. They can undergo medication staying at home. In fact conditions of these addicts are serious, but not critical at all.

Therapeutic Community Recovery Programs

This is one of those drug addiction recovery programs that use the psychological health approach. These are usually long-term programs that are conducted step by step. It may continue for 6 months or may even stretch to a 2 year course, depending on your adaptability with changing circumstances. However, you need to be very patient throughout the treatment process till you recover from addiction completely.

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