Drug Addiction Treatment

Mid adult woman in bed, drugs in foreground

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Drugs have deprived individuals and families of joy and robbed the happiness from their lives. The stimulation of pleasure through drugs comes at the cost of long run destruction of families while affecting work and business.Drug addiction treatment in UKfocuses on eliminating the adverse effects of drugs. Even the recreational users are not safe from the disastrous long term consequences of using drugs.

Substitute method for treatment

In the UK, drug addiction treatment centers have received almost half of their patients for opiate treatment. The major portion of the budget reserved for drug addiction treatment in UK is disbursed on the substitute prescribing method. This is a cost-effective method providing identical medicinal treatment to the masses. The patient is required to visit a drug service to procure the methadone prescription, collecting daily on a supervised consumption and weekly on that of an unsupervised one from the local chemist. This method for drug addiction treatment in UK, besides being humiliating and inconvenient is also ineffective in most cases.

Residential Rehabilitation Centers

It is advisable that a person with addiction take residential drug addiction treatment in the UK. This method of rehabilitation starts with detox and has a structured procedure to support the patients fighting the drug addiction battle. To overcome addiction, the support of an individual who has been through the process and has recovered is very valuable and helps a lot during the treatment. There is mutual aid and peer-led models with meetings daily which are extremely useful for someone struggling with addiction.

Supportive Family - The Key to Successful Recovery

The emotional strength which is utterly needed and desired during the treatment comes from one’s family through their support. This support is almost as important as the treatment cycle, and the physical and financial burden of the loved one undergoing treatment lies on the shoulders of the family as well. This additional support from the family becomes a decisive factor in the successful recovery of the person struggling with the drug addiction. Although it is very hard on the families, thedrug addiction treatment centers in UKcounsel the families to be supportive and considerate during the time of the treatment for successful results.

Recovery Coaching

There are more effective methods for emerging fordrug addiction treatment in UK. One of these is Recovery Coaching, which is gradually becoming popular. This method helps individuals step back into life with a purpose and set goals for the future. It also makes one realize that it’s not too late to seek help.

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