Drinking Disasters For The Single Man

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

While it might seem obvious that alcoholism presents a grave danger in one's life, many people may easily overlook the fact that a casual or social drinker can easily become alcohol dependent in difficult times, such as a divorce.

Alcoholism these days is generally regarded as a disease, usually with a genetic component. While the claims for many genetic based mental disorders have yet to be proven, it is clear that we can notice someone who is effectively a social drinker in the early years of their lives not uncommonly engaging in alcoholic behavior by the time they are in middle age.

The problem is particularly noticeable in singles for several reasons. For one, many adults arrive at their single status through divorce. Men in particular are susceptible to alcohol abuse as their children often end up living with their ex-spouses, leaving them all alone. Alcohol becomes an easy way then to blot out feelings of pain and loneliness at the end of the day.

With no bias intended, even if individuals did not arrive at their single status through the termination of a partnership that has left them vulnerable and lonely, the fact is that the happy, well-adjusted single is not really all that common. And if they are, they tend to date a lot and be fiercely independent. Many people remain single all their lives though out of fear and awkwardness towards relationships. In other words, being single may be, although certainly not always is, a sign that a person is emotionally insecure or vulnerable (we define single here as not in any relationship).

Alcohol poses a slippery slope to anyone with emotional problems. While it temporarily relieves the symptoms of pain and loneliness, it inevitably ends up just exasperating them even more, in turn requiring more alcohol.

The only way to deal with problems of feeling and isolated and lonely is to go through them sober and through talking with people one trusts. It is courage that conquers- alcohol or other drugs only destroy the happiness in life we are all entitled to.

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