Don't be crippled by Panic and Anxiety Disorder

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Panic and Anxiety Disorder can be a mind crippling ailment. If it lasts over a long period of time, it can keep the sufferer from performing normal daily activities thereby robbing them of their quality of life.

Panic happens as adrenaline enters the bloodstream as it readies the body for potential harm. This is a normal and essential function of the body whenever it senses impending danger. However, this can be an extremely terrifying feeling for the sufferer if the panic attack comes about for no discernible reason. Recurrent panic attacks, and the fear of having more, are signs of a Panic Disorder. Panic disorder can be caused by severe stress, substance abuse, a brain abnormality or it may be hereditary.

Individuals who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder will continually worry about something that is not likely to happen or they are tense all day long for no apparent reason. They worry about many things and always fear that the worst is going to happen. There are physical symptoms as well such as insomnia, restlessness, being irritable and muscle tension.

Fortunately, panic and anxiety disorder is treatable. Treatments include cognitive and exposure therapy, prescription medicine, exercise, diet and learning relaxation techniques. Relaxation therapy can be extremely beneficial, and people have also been helped by meditation, hypnosis, biofeedback and visualization. Joining a self-help group can also pay big dividends.

If you think you may be suffering from a panic and anxiety disorder, you should first be examined by your family doctor. This is the only way you will find out if this is what is causing your symptoms or if they are the result of some other medical affliction.

If you are diagnosed with an anxiety problem, do something about it. Most people don't and suffer needlessly. Take some positive action and you will be able to live a normal life.


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