Does Your Child Have Behavior Problems?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Does Your Child Have Behavior Problems? Are you emotionally and mentally exhausted because of it? Nothing is more exhausting than emotional or mental exhaustion. Emotional exhaustion is often defined as the result of a stress overload over a specific event. But this is not a completely accurate description. It doesn't take one event to put someone into this state. Anyone who has lived with an alcoholic can tell you that. The same goes for the parent or parents of an unruly or defiant child.

Tired of getting up in the morning? Having burnout or emotional exhaustion even for just one part of your life can make it difficult to even want to start the next day. If one day is so frustrating why would anyone want to get up and start all over again?

Parents are inundated with social and familial expectations. To the point that so many parents are looked down on for their child's out-of-control behavior. The child that screams in the grocery store - must be the parent's fault; the child that is rude or disobedient - must be the parent's fault. People are so quick to place the blame often without concrete or logical assistance for the struggling parent. There are so many instruction manuals for every facet of life, but it seems child rearing seems to be the most difficult thing in life to find a true and helpful 'manual' for.

Do you feel like your child is a burden? Heaven forbid. Parents aren't supposed to feel that way. There must be something wrong with you. If only parents out there with real problems with their children realized they are not alone. Do a search on the Internet. So many parents are in the same boat, and most are still made to feel guilty for feeling oppressed by their children. Don't feel guilty. It's a normal response to an overwhelming reality.

Is your child's behavior embarrassing for you and those around you? I wonder how many parents would raise their hand for a poll on this question. I think if they were being completely honest the number would surprise a lot of people. Having your child scream at you or those around you in a crowded grocery store can be horrifyingly embarrassing. Take heart. Don't give up. It doesn't always have to be this way.

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