Does Stress Cause Cancer?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014

Does Stress Cause Cancer?
Firstly, before you know how cancer and stress is related, you have to know how stress works and what it does in your body.
Certain compounds are found inside the body, such as the interferon. Interferon is found and produced naturally by the body. It is something that you should have because it is necessary for certain cells of the immune system to work properly. Without it, the immune system is greatly affected.
When you are stressed, like when you are studying for a big exam, or when you are hard at work on a project and trying to catch the deadline, the interferon levels inside the body is decreased, and in most cases, the interferon levels are even diminished. This means that the immune system will not work properly to fight off the diseases inside your body.
This means that if you are frequently stressed, your body will not be able to fight of the viruses inside your body. Also, it will not be able to effectively fight mutated cells or cancer cells. As you can see, stress can definitely contribute to the development of cancer and heart related diseases. If you noticed that people who are frequently stressed tends to get sick more often, you will have an idea on how stress affects the immune system.
Studies have found that workaholic people or people who are frequently stressed are more prone to cancer. And, as you may know, cancer is a disease that can definitely make life a living hell. Besides, if your doctor said that you have cancer, it would be like saying that you're a dead man. Cancer is indeed a very frightening disease where you have to take the necessary steps to prevent it from affecting you.
These are the things you have to consider about stress and cancer. And, this is also why you have to consider that you have to reduce stress in your life in order for you to live healthier and reduce the risk of cancer.

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