Does A Positive Attitude Really Make A Difference?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

International speaker and author of ‘Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude – Choose Your ‘Tude!’, Robyn Simpson claims choosing a positive attitude will improve your life. How much does your attitude reall affect your results?

We all have attitudes - good or bad. But how much does your attitude really have to do with whether you are successful or not? Robyn Simpson, author, international speaker, high performance attitude coach and inspirer is launching a highly motivational and inspirational book ‘Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude – Choose Your ‘Tude!’ to help people create better results in their work and life.

With the current economic climate, rising unemployment and global warming, all of these things impact us and are out of our control. So how does our attitude impact on us?

“We live in a world where outside influences can be beyond our control, however our responses to those things can make a huge difference to our general well being and happiness,” say Ms Simpson. “There are many things we do have control over, and it is our choice to take personal responsibility for those, although sometimes it feels easier to go with the flow. Successful people choose to take responsibility and make their own decisions rather than be at the effect of others.”

When asked; “If a person is made redundant, if they choose a positive attitude everything will be alright?” Ms Simpson responded “Some people are made redundant and choose to see it as a personal attack and allow their self esteem to be damaged, which can cause a downward spiral of depression. Others are made redundant and decide they will find another job and those who do so with a positive attitude are more likely to get re-employed. A small percentage of people who get made redundant see it as an opportunity to try something else like traveling, a new career or studying to up-skill. How you see this situation depends on your attitude towards it.”

“I would love to see attitudes and self responsibility was taught in schools. It would make such a difference to our communities,” states Ms Simpson. “My message is not new, however I see so many people missing it I decided to write this book to help people understand some things are really simple to change, and can make the difference between living an unhappy life or a happy one.”

More than simply a book, the 17 chapters of inspiring and practical lessons help every day people excel in everything they do. There is a 15-step ‘Structure of Goals’ process that provides readers with a logical and simple process to follow. Combined with a practical Work Book, readers learn valuable life enhancing habits that will serve them well in work and in life. No matter what the goal is, if every step of the 15-step Structure of Goals process is completed, you will progress and reach your goal. Having the right attitude is closely linked to the ability to achieve goals. Achieving goals builds self-esteem, which assists people to choose great attitudes.

Plus this book is full of resources for readers including inspirational downloads, information, websites and much more, to help continue the learning.

‘Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude – Choose Your ‘Tude!’ is attracting a lot of positive media attention. It seems the attitudes of people are changing. Those who choose great attitudes believe they can be successful and achieve great things. Ms Simpsons goal is to reach over 10 million people worldwide with this message and she is well on her way to achieving that. As she says herself, if a girl from a small town called Paekakariki can do it with very few resources – anyone can.


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