Do You Want To Overcome Anxiety Attacks?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Anxiety attacks, generally referred to as panic attacks, affect roughly 6 million men and women in the United States, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. When you have got an anxiety attack, you may feel completely panicked and concern that you are losing control. It's not uncommon to experience heart palpitations and to feel as if you may pass out. You can help beat this problem by managing your feelings and by reducing your stress level. If you are afflicted by anxiety and you have a selection of drug or meditation, you may be better off with the long-term positive results of normal meditation than the dangerous side effects of daily drug. You will gradually learn how to calm down your mind rather than possibly harming your body with drugs.
The first place to commence when addressing your anxiety naturally is to make positive changes to your life-style. This suggests checking your diet, exercise routine, and any bad habits you may have, such as smoking and drinking lots of alcohol. Make sure you're obtaining lots of healthy foods in your diet - lots of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, good quality protein and healthy fats. Cut down on junk food, and strive to get rid of caffeine (from coffee and energy drinks), because caffeine is a stimulant that can make you feel even more anxious. Eating fresh, simple whole foods is an easy manner to promote a better sense of well being, and to help you feel calmer and in control of your life.
Learn deep breathing methods. It's usual to hyperventilate, or breathe very quickly, when you have an anxiety attack. When hyperventilation starts, it can cause different symptoms, like chest tightness and dizziness. Taking extended, deep breaths when you first start feeling anxious or panicked can assist you manage your breathing and maybe even prevent an attack. Stay faraway from caffeine and cigarettes. If you are already vulnerable to panic attacks, caffeine and nicotine can truly cause new attacks because these substances stimulate the nervous system. The non-drowsy kind of cold medications can have identical effect.
If you want to overcome anxiety and stop anxiety attacks naturally, then, you should go through aromatherapy and apply numerous relaxation techniques. As what we all understand, aromatherapy makes use of essential oils with various healing effects. For anxiety, a number of the most effective necessary oils used are Lavender, Rose, Lime and Patchouli. These oils have nice calming effects that can assist you to cope with anxiety. These oils can keep your mind, and body relaxed. You will be released from things that are causing your anxiety attack.

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