Do I Have Anxiety and Anxiety Problems?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Suffering from anxiety can be an absolute nightmare especially when not treated or even an attempt to calm down the panics and anxiety. This can lead to so many disastrous effects such as problems with blood pressure, physical damage and also more neurological problems. These can range from the heart pounding, head feeling like it is swelling and having the feeling that everyone is talking about you. This is an experience I thought was only achievable on certain recreational drugs if taken too much!
Well perhaps that's the reason why this is starting to affect my own life in such a way it has definitely brought about a different kind of thinking mechanism and finding a way on how to overcome anxiety. Its hard work managing anxiety, trying to focus and concentrate on the tasks ahead of you and still having the thought that people are deliberately doing things behind your back and having to juggle your concentration to try and realize that the panics are not there which is where some beta blockers for anxiety are introduced to calm this down and get the brain thinking on a normal pattern again.
You then realize it has been an over empathized brain trick through lack of chemicals in the brain producing what they are supposed to be producing.
Well that's the harshness of the illness and getting the right advice on anxiety management from your doctor is a good step forward.
There is also a lot of anxiety self help ideas which should be tried an tested as all the ideas, tests and results suit a majority of people and its finding the right technique for you.
Are your serotonin levels low? Are you depressed? Is there someone to talk to or are you confined in your own room thinking why am I feeling like this?
This is a horrible state and would not wish this on anyone but its true for thousands of people and there are people in the same situation who are all looking for help to overcome this and lead a normal they used to! Reminiscing of the good times, the friends going out to the pub and having a laugh all seems to be too daunting and a real effort now.
Socializing seems to be very hard work and when it finally and eventually happens the inner feelings of some panic or guilt starts on why this is happening which stops this kind of socializing in the future making it harder to interact with people.
Visits to the doctor are always a good start as they know the people who you can talk to regarding all these matters sharing your inner feelings, thoughts and beliefs and this helps the start of treating anxiety.

Some people do not even realize this is happening and not seeking any help until later on in their panic stages which is scary as through my own experience inside my own brain felt like it was bulging and trying to escape which is a very horrible experience, the walking down the road on another planet as though some trip hallucinogenic drug had been given to me to see the reaction.
Are there cures for this anxiety or do we have to deal with the feelings? There are and it helps for other people to understand what you are going through too.

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