Discovering Happiness Where You Can Find It.

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Finding happiness is not always as straight forward as it appears. I'm sure you realise that. If you haven't been happy for a while now it could simply be as a result of you not knowing where to look to find that happiness and how to appreciate what good things you do have in your life.
Everyone dreams of finding happiness. Whether its with a significant other or doing the things that bring you the most joy in life. Finding happiness is a journey that is different for everyone and usually takes different paths. Some people keep that which is special to them within their heart and thus are able to plow through life fearlessly because they have their happiness with them. There are others who can go through most of their lives searching with almost blinding obsession for that elusive state. For them its not about the journey but the ultimate prize, or goal.
Finding happiness is always easier if you have a goal!
We each have our own treasure chest. A place within ourselves that we store our most cherished feelings and memories so that when we are at our lowest and feel the most hopeless, these memories can be pulled out of storage and help us to light the dark that may be threatening to overwhelm us. Yes it is a mouthful but most of us have had instances where this has happened and yet somehow we have managed to overcome and carry on.
Our hope chest is the place within our psyche that we store all of our hopes, dreams and aspirations for a better life and a better tomorrow. It is often times the place that we visit the most when we are feeling as if we are being downtrodden and taken advantage of. It is the place that we find sometimes inhuman strength to say I will not let you beat me and I will stand strong and fight. Our hope chests are one of the most powerful weapons that we possess and we can never allow it to be taken. Never give up on your hope of finding happiness.
Lets cope with it. We all have our own versions of a dumpster chest in us. This is the place that we least like to talk about because it is often the place that we go to in order to attempt to deal with and eventually let go of whatever ails our spirit. It is a sign of great inner power when we can go the dumpster chest in our lives and let go of whatever it is that is causing us strife.
The way that we think, act and speak is often reflections of who we truly are. Some people are timid to the average observers but if a situation arises that they feel the need to act, then they do. Then there are those who talk a big talk and yet are like frightened little children when they are opposed for the first time. Then there are those who are natural leaders. These people are not afraid to be the one in charge. To take charge of a situation and shape it in a way that reflects their sense of leadership. The one thing that all of these character types have in common in this: they have most likely found their own ways to finding happiness.
If you want to be happy in life then you have to take it. You have to take it. You have to be bold enough and brave enough to see your chance of happiness within your grasp and not be afraid to take it.
It is only then that you can truly say that you are on your way to finding happiness.

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