Discovering Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Is emotional intelligence the latest pop-psychology craze or is it just a new name for an old vice?
It was only recently that I first heard the term “emotional intelligence”, but apparently, according to Wikipedia, the idea had its roots with Darwin and the phrase was first coined some forty-five years ago. What is emotional intelligence? In the context in which I heard it â€" a radio show about marriage â€" it was all about being able to recognize which emotional well a person’s behavior was coming from, and respond to the source, not the actions or words the person was expressing. For example, a mother is preparing her family to leave the house for a wedding. She has several small children which she has been dressing one by one and hoping they each stay looking nice and clean until she can get the last one dressed and in the car. As she ties the last bow on the last daughter’s pony tail, she hears the back door open. The father and two sons, who were previously painstakingly dressed and readied for a wedding, enter the house sweaty, smelly and very mussed. The mother flies into a semi-rage of frustration. The typical husband is bewildered at her outburst, feels defensive and a fight ensues. The husband with emotional intelligence, however, realizes that the mother is experiencing fear that she will be viewed as incapable by the many friends and family members at the wedding that she would like to impress. He, therefore, quickly takes control of the situation. Instead of reacting to his wife’s rage, he responds to her root emotion by assuring her the boys will be tidied and in the car in three minutes.
Hearing this made me want to sign up for the nearest emotional intelligence training. Think of all the skirmishes that could be avoided. Is there even such a thing as emotional intelligence training? Turns out there is, especially as relates to the workplace. Is this the new way to win friends and influence people?
This has me thinking about whether emotional intelligence is just a socially acceptable new term for manipulation. Or is it a talent that grifters and conmen have had from the beginning of time? They didn’t need a fancy word for their skill, nor did they need training. It was just something they were born knowing how to do. Emotional intelligence could be the new by-word for these vices, but like any other talent or skill, this one can be used for good or for evil. I’d like to learn more about it and will search the internet for essay samples on emotional intelligence.
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