Discover Your Destiny: Finding Your Path of Light

Dr. Purushothaman
October 14, 2013

The concept of destiny can excite you at the core of your being and can also become a source of frustration that renders feelings of impotenia and longing. Destiny is a simple word with much meaning and misunderstandings attached too it. Destiny can become a confusing concept when you approach it from the perspective of "predetermination". Understanding the true nature of your destiny can begin to unravel its mysteries and the magic to change your life at the very core of your being.
Understanding the function of your life provides the wisdom to begin fulfilling your destiny. How do you function in the living of your life? Are you a natural born teacher? Healer? Comedian? Problem solver? Motivator? Listener? What is natural to you, is a part of your nature, and becomes the way you function in life? Review your past history, what was the common denominator in all the jobs you had that you really enjoyed? Look at your relationships, what is the heart of the matter that gives you a sense of purpose and significance? Listen to what people have told you about your strengths, talents and gifts. Thinking about these areas of your life can reveal the function of your destiny. Take time to explore what comes naturally too you.
Destiny is your destination. It begins with a vision of your future, that has meaning and significance to you. Destiny is also the design of your life. The way you go about your daily life and the style of living you engage in. Destiny is the direction in which your growth is unfolding, either toward fulfillment and love or toward confusion and despair.
Destiny is the direction, the design and the destination of your future that you hold in consciousness right now. Misunderstanding the concept of destiny causes it to become elusive. Many erroneously define destiny as a lofty spiritual goal that only a few are chosen to fulfill. Destiny is seen as a mission that is predestined and must be figured out in order to evolve. It is often thought of as a burden to bear. Destiny is usually considered something to do and not a state of being. This is where many get stuck in the misconceptions of destiny.
Destiny involves both doing and being; it is a form and a function combined. For example, the function of "teaching" can be somebody's destiny. It can express itself through many forms. The function of destiny is the permanent part which is "predestined" it never changes. However, the forms of destiny are always a choice and are flexible and changing. For instance, a person whose function of destiny is teaching, may become a college professor for many years and then write a book ( another form of teaching), may quite teaching school and begin lecturing to audiences about his book ( another form of teaching) and then is offered a radio talk show to educate more people (another form of teaching). The function of teaching is always present, it is a part of his nature, yet the forms of teaching will shift and change from a classroom to a book, lectures and radio.
The function is permanent and the forms are temporary. Looking for the form of your destiny and never knowing the function leads to frustration. The function is the way in which you go about living your life. Out of the function of your destiny many forms will appear. The major paradox of destiny is that it is both predestined and a choice.
Everyone has a destiny. The question isn't, "Do I have a destiny?" The question needs to be, "Who is going to direct my destiny... my ego or my Soul?" Some allow their ego to design and direct their lives, avoiding fears and confrontations, avoiding challenge and change. The destiny of the ego is survival, at all cost. When we allow our ego to partake in our destiny, we end up with little growth and much frustration. We end up feeling meaningless and constantly searching.
Here are some clues to know if you're allowing your ego to interfere with your true destiny. The ego wants to think that destiny is only a predetermined form that you must somehow figure out. The ego wants destiny to be simple without any challenges. It seduces you into believing that destiny is a "turn key" answer to all your problems. These ideas about destiny are never true.
Following your Soul's guidance will create greater fulfillment in your life. It begins when you act upon what really matters to you about living your life. What opens your heart and mind to dream? The soul's path of destiny is one in which you give meaning to your life versus trying to get meaning out of life.
True destiny always challenges you to overcome your greatest fears and to embrace a deeper love then you've ever known. It requires that you open up to change and growth. Your destiny will always provide greater meaning about who you really are- an empowered spiritual being, that is more then capable of overcoming a challenge.
Destiny isn't a free ride into your future; it involves responsibility, choice and action. It demands that you participate with your whole being, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. How well do you respond to a challenge? How willingly do you allow change? Honestly answering these questions will measure how easily you will allow your Soul to carve and create your destiny rather than your ego. Your Souls path of destiny will give you the strength and power to achieve the success and fulfillment that is beyond anything your ego can imagine.

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