Difference Education Is Not Teaching Students According to Their Aptitude

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

The school only let them of test scores ranking before 100 have night self-study. Them after 100 are not allowed to go to night self-study. The school explains that they let these them participate in optimal test various competitions. Obviously, this school is under a "teaching them according to their aptitude" banner, implement unfair education.

Teaching them according to their aptitude is according to student's individuality, the special skill, interests, hobbies, in view of the different them, take different education method, the purpose is to promote the all-round development of them, and the school only to test scores of top 100 them optimal, then what about 100 posterior them? Do not make good them more excellent, backward more backward? How can talk up their aptitude?

This school's violation of ranking regulation is exposed, however cause us thinking is not whether they have self-study, but later the impact of the unfair education on our thought. The only one objective is to let them pass top famous-brand university, school, teachers can be glorious. But the cost of doing so is too big, several top student success, for it is most them' failure, isn't that education failure?

More importantly, the discrimination to them also goes against the student personality development; even bury some them' talents. As for some weak them, it may therefore hurt them. Besides who can predict the future of them? Some them may be other aspects of literacy class result is bad, but not necessarily bad, not now can participate in the student, perhaps future lessons can become business leaders, the Olympic Games champions, when they succeed, their feeling to the school is grateful, or resentment?

Career education is fair education fairness, teaching them according to their aptitude are one of the ways to realize. We are not against the school on outstanding student conducting special training, but also need to be medium them also need progress, the school only more need of conveyance. Different levels take different training methods, promote their development and can realize real education fairness.

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