Desire-Force and its effects on Success

Word Desire On Keyboard

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Desire-Force is an elemental, primitive thing, and is often thought of as existing in only the animal kingdom. In the lower races of men it exists more obviously than among higher types; however this is only so because, in their case it is covered and disguised by the more civilized forms of life.

But it is a fact that the same force is manifested underneath the polished look of the civilized life. The Desire-Force of an educated and refined leader of men is in fact as elemental and primitive as the shaggy, half naked caveman of the wild. In the old days Desire used to manifest its force on a Physical Plane, but now it manifests itself on the Mental Plane, however, on closer inspection we see that the Force is the same in both cases.

A Desire that flamed up in the savage of the times gone by, now manifests itself in the Player of the Wall Street, and here between this force of its Attraction coupled with the allied force of his strong Will, he does a repeat performance of his previous incarnation in front of today's people. But today's Desire is on the mental plane and his achievement is that this time it is the mind, not muscle, that is the instrument of the Desire manifestation.

Thus we can easily establish the fact that Desire is the only motivating force that moves your Will into Action thus causing the activities of life

Desire-Force is an actual and very real power in life that influences and compels other people and things to swing toward the heart of Desire, thus sending forth the currents. Hence, in The Secret of Success, Desire-Force plays a very prominent role. A lack of a Desire for success makes sure that there is no success. Desire is what sets The Law of Attraction into motion.

The aim here is not only to urge you to do certain things but also to encourage you to avoid certain others. Thus while you continue to Desire for things that manifest into Success, at all costs you need to steer clear of the poison known as Fear. Fear is the greatest enemy of Will and Action. It prevents Self Expression and creates doubts and forebodings which are more commonly known as Negative Thoughts. Thus keeping an eye on any Negative Thoughts and preventing them from entering your system is as important as inviting Positive Thoughts.


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