Defining A Healthy Eating Plan

beautiful woman with healthy food and water

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

A healthy eating plan refers to a program based on the idea that abundant enjoyment of whole foods is the best way of eating. Other than being natural, clean foods are free of hydrogenated fats, trans-fats, added sugars and any unnecessary or unnatural thing. This means that one eats vegetables and fresh fruits, lean proteins and whole grains in place of the pre-packaged, fast or processed foods. Clean eating is committed to having the saturated fats replaced with the healthy fats. Most people on this plan do not count on calories but rather trust in good quality and healthy food. Most people use such diets as a means of losing weight. Clean eating, if used as a means to life, is able to make you feel full of energy and quite healthy. Follow these tips on eating clean to maintain a healthy diet.

The following paragraphs therefore attempt to explain what a healthy eating plan really entails.

Water rich foods
Eating calorie laden foods is one the major causes of random weight gain. A healthy eating plan should include water rich foods that typically have a low-calorie count. Recent studies indicate that the intake of these foods can enable you to lose weight, due to this factor. Moreover, water rich foods are also believed to be great natural appetite suppressants. Eating these foods will make you to consume fewer calories in your diet, which in turn results in weight loss. Drinking adequate water before any meal is another way to reduce your food cravings. Some of these water rich foods include watermelon, grapes, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and cabbage.

Foods rich in fiber
Individuals who are observing a healthy eating plan are usually advised to have high-fiber diets since they have low calories. A healthy life and body can be achieved through these foods. More fiber consumption makes you feel full which may force you to eat less. Therefore, instead of going for the unnatural weight loss methods, eating foods with high fiber can offer you a very simple yet effective solution to uncontrolled weight gain. Here some high fiber foods:
- Nuts and seeds such as whole flax-seed, soy nuts and almonds
- Green leafy vegetables like spinach, swiss chard, broccoli and green peas.
- Fruits such as apples and oranges
- Grain products like breakfast cereals and grain breads
- Dried fruits such as apricots and dates

Foods that can burn calories
As it is commonly known, burning more calories leads to better functioning of the body systems. There are some foods that actually help the body to burn more calories much faster. Hydration is also associated with calorie burning. Meaning that less water intake can considerably slow down the weight loss process. The food digestion process would not work effectively if you don't consume adequate amount of water daily. Keeping the body well hydrated by taking at least 7 glasses of water every day will improve the ability of your body to burn more calories. Foods that can enhance calorie burning process to include green tea, red pepper flakes, chilies and grapefruit.

Vegetable salads
Salads should also be part of your healthy eating plan. Taking a vegetable salad every day can help you cut down excess pounds, not to mention the several other health benefits associated with it. Including vegetable salads in your meals is a very important dietary decision that can be implemented easily. So if you want to get all the vital vitamins and minerals, adopting a healthy eating plan comprising salads made from cucumber, tomatoes and other related vegetables is a must-have in your daily diet.

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