Creativity In Business

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Changes in the world are constantly gaining momentum, which is surprising and even more unique in the twentieth century is aging even more speed in the XXI. Predict the future is a more daunting task presented blurred vague way. Life cycle of ideas, goods, services and development is declining rapidly. Dynamics characterizes the modern market.
In a rapidly changing business ideas play one of the most important components. Business models are very expensive and risky. The market demands are constantly new ideas, not just new and revolutionary ideas for moving progress. Current business trends are evident that the search for unique ideas, creative ways of doing business contribute to the successful promotion. Creativity can have a paralyzing effect on the competitors and definitely take them out of the game. In the work shown our uniqueness and individuality that the right application is in the business of a competitive factor. For further growth and competitiveness need new successful ideas.
The notion of creativity in business, creativity is often associated with the art, for example music, art or literature. But in business creation is most suitable for studies of marketing, advertising and management. For business creation - a way of thinking through, which are solutions to the problems peculiar to improve, for example, the quality of products or services. Creativity on the part of the business is similar to innovation management. Creativity is something new, unique and original. Must have a value not only for the creator, but also to others. In business, creativity is defined as the ability to meet the challenges posed by the problem. And the entrepreneur acts as a creator, and the business itself - tool for implementing ideas.
From the birth of a person already put creativity. However, in the process of development and maturation is a significant loss of creativity. Subordination of social norms and rules contribute to blocking the development of creative activity, as influenced by them appear invisible fencing standards and morals. Is to destroy stereotypes prevent buildup of creativity on the obstructive barriers. Wrong gripe creativity that is the destiny of the elect, is confusing and suppresses internal strength.
Do not be afraid and do not be like the others, and should present their original ideas and continually improve them. Give free rein to their thoughts and fantasies, dreams and desires. Due to its limited human capabilities can be thought of a certain invisible limit. As a result, the difficulty of building a value chain. Impetus and a breakthrough could provide a trifle. Some phrase or image, and possible action, almost every incoming information are a continuation of the chain.
The well-known "brainstorming" gives go beyond individual capabilities, helps break and a further search for a successful solution. The creative Entrepreneur modern entrepreneur is not easy to be a creative person, he should have an idea of future business development. In different situations can dominate the calculation and intuition, logic and imagination. The competence of the entrepreneur determines the breadth of creative thinking. Competence - a resource entrepreneur needed for creativity. Creates for entrepreneur means being active in the innovation search. Its main direction is to strive to improve the process and identification of new activities.
A search solution presented labyrinth in which to find the shortest path to success solutions. Only motivated from within entrepreneur can overcome this way. Love for his work, which motivate curiosity, so important for creativity in business. Landmark for creativity in business - it is the buyer. The creator - businessman must seek, above all, to create value for the customer. Of this sum the success of entrepreneurial creativity. And it is not just a new generation of the necessary ideas, and in its transformation and implementation activities that generate income.
The main purpose of any business idea is to solve the problems of consumers. Search for new opportunities, resources, inconsistencies, generates new ideas, new areas of business development.
The very idea of not matter for us, not yet implemented. Introduction and implementation of the business idea are as much art as its development. Forcing creativity in business Creativity often dies at the very beginning, then supported. This occurs in part dislike the idea, as well as from unintentional actions and situations of the entrepreneur.
The idea should be subject to stringent tests of various influencing factors, analyze, split into its component parts. The gradual implementation of the idea is to solve the problems of its parts. The creative power of the entrepreneur is to know, in fact, based on knowledge of the problems being studied ideas are born. The desire for a new and unidentified extends the functionality of knowledge and as a consequence generate more ideas.
The knowledge acquired in the process of solving problems and finding opportunities to transform to use in practice. Reflecting on the problem the brain, to stand in the chain of definitions, terms and images. Assimilating and analyzing information, there are additional questions that need to be answered, and eventually expand their knowledge of the problem. While working on the problem is an increase in creativity, while opening up new ideas and solutions.
To enhance creativity should not be set strictly intended path solution. Mainly should determine the choice of future action.
Creative process in business, as problem solving pinpoint the problem more difficult than finding a solution. A proper definition of the problem has been already half the solution. Need to see the future of this problem, present it further. Can not be regarded as an end in the development of new products or services. Right thing to do is to determine the possible position of innovation, as the infinite time-consuming process in time. This creative process should not seek to end, and the development and improvement. Susceptibility environment is a vector to enhance creativity.
That directional movement provides the opportunity to experience the problem. Obviously, the innovation business a competitive advantage.
According to resist the competition will help innovative solutions to familiar things. Constant flow of information imbues us with information about the various problems and difficulties. Analyzing the problem, understand its meaning, to delve into it. Once, when the problem decomposed into its constituent parts, it becomes a problem with multiple solutions.
Each method of solutions in its own original and belongs to a particular situation and the position of the business. Ability to monitor and evaluate, it is important to develop and achieve creative results. Unfinished business model by itself runs into creativity. Troubleshoot and generate improvements in today's market is possible only with creativity.

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