Creating Happiness In Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Life is like walking on a rope – if you tilt too much on one side there is always a danger of falling down. The idea is to walk the rope and not loose balance. A balanced life is a happy life.

We keep running for more in life. More money, more fun, more clothes, more food, more security, more bank balance, more property…the list is endless. And yet the more we have the more empty we feel inside. It does seem ironic because the very things we think would provide us security bring with them more insecurity, more loneliness, more grief. I am sure that lot of you would be able to relate to it.

What then would truly bring happiness, contentment, security in our lives?

Give up work, give up money, give up food, give up clothes. This giving up again is running but this time its running away. I don't think so that nature has created us to shun life pleasures. In no scriptures it has been mentioned to give up our responsibilities in order to find happiness. We cannot find happiness when our heart is guilty of shying away from our responsibilities or turning away our faces from the relationships we have ourselves created.

We are normal humans leading normal lives. We have to earn in order to take care of our responsibilities. We need comforts in our lives. We need a good bed at the end of the day, we need a car for driving to work, we need good food in order to stay healthy. We need good clothes in order to move in the society.

What we don't need is running – running for or running away. We need to find balance in whatever we do. We need to remove that "more" in whatever we pursue. We need to set our own limitations. Only then we can rest and only then we can find peace. That is the key to happiness.

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