Country Living... Help For Attention Deficit Disorder?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2013

Country Living... Help For Attention Deficit Disorder?
Scientists don't understand why Attention Deficit Disorder is increasing so quickly. (News)

Scientists don't understand why Attention Deficit Disorder is increasing so quickly.

One reason may be that more and more people are living in congested, overcrowded situations.

A hundred years ago when most of us lived on farms or in small towns with a lot of rural space around us...ADD ADHD wasn't even recognized by the medical community.

However, there may be something to the constant stimulation of modern life.

With its quick pace and automobiles, microwaves, cell phones and computers, these devices can over-stimulate and stress out those who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder.

Some scientists actually believe living in crowded cities causes changes to the human brain...and ADD ADHD is the result of those changes.

In any event, scientists DO know that there are more instances of Attention Deficit Disorder among people who live in overcrowded apartment buildings with no access to wide green areas or natural surroundings.

If possible, people with Attention Deficit Disorder should try to live in areas with natural green spaces, trees, and wilderness areas. Not in crowded cities where they have to deal with traffic, congestion, constant noise and commotion.

A team of researchers at the Human-Environment Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois, currently doing a lot of research about the effect of nature on Attention Deficit Disorder.

"We knew from our own studies and those of other scientists that in general, green is good...for ADD ADHD however, green is great," said Professor Frances E. Kuo, co-director of the laboratory.

Dr. Kuo and her team believe that there is something about being in nature that relaxes and renews the mind.

The paradox is that most people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder prefer the stimulation of city life.

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