Core Values: Defining Doorstep Community Banking

Dr. Purushothaman
December 12, 2013

A community bank is a financial institution that conducts a lot of financial activities to primarily concentrate on the specific requirements the businesses and families. The concept of community bank in the United States is not new at all. When it comes to using a bank for the purpose of community banking, businesses and families ponder over a lot of factors. Amongst all factors, core values have a prominent role to play. These values show the form of foundation on which all activities and functions of banks are performed and conducted. Compassion, ambition, responsibility, ethics and positive attitude are five common core values that almost all community banks possess in Florida.

Compassion: In banks, compassion is an amalgamation of fairness, kindness, gentleness, honesty, respect, courage and love. It is an acceptance that induces the ability to see the essence in all things. It directly goes to hearts and mind and compels committed bankers to consider all customers valued and perform according to their specific needs.

Ambition: It is a quality that indicates to the ability of banks to look forward and decide a perfect place for them. Ambition indicates to the far-sightedness, vision and futuristic views of banks and depicts how far they can go in the banking industry. A financial institution that is ambitious can achieve heights and earn a prestige in the industry.

Responsibility: This quality indicates to the accountability of banks in their financial relations with their valued customers. It shows banksâEUR(TM) interest in taking control of things in their hand and fulfilling all tasks in a perfect manner. A responsible bank always gives preference to their customers and renders them timely advice and support that suit the needs of customers directly.

Ethics: These are a set of principles and rules that reflects in the conduct of all banks as well as their employees. Business ethics reflect the philosophy of banks and help them achieve their goals for which they were formed originally.

Positive attitude: It is a tendency to respond in a positive manner. In banks, it is considered as the ability to solve customersâEUR(TM) queries in an amicable way. It is also an indicator of firm determination and thinking to serve people and give them what they really expect.

Jacksonville Bank is known for retaining and maintaining these five core values and moves to its path of successes to become the most highly regarded and extraordinary bank in Northeast Florida.

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