Controlling Anger with Anger Management

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Anger is an emotion just like happiness, sadness, loneliness etc. Expressing anger is said to be healthy, as this emotion helps you get the feeling out of your system. It is an emotion, thus you must have felt it at some point of your life. From kids to adults everyone feels angry every now and then, the reason may differ but the feeling remains the same. Anger is a response to a provocation, at times the provocation is real and other time it psychological. No matter what the reason is once you feel it it’s important to control it, as too much of anger can be harmful for oneself and others.

Anger is a healthy emotion if expressed in the right way. However, at times it may overpower you. You might feel angry without any particular reason that’s when this healthy emotion turns unhealthy. Anger can lead to outbursts and breakdowns. When a person gets angry his blood pressure rises and the heart beat increases. From headaches to nervous disorder anger can trigger plenty of physical problems. It can also be emotionally draining and most of all it may lead to a violent outburst that can harm you and others.

For men anger takes a form of a defending force against any offence. It is one emotion they feel comfortable expressing when someone provokes them. It is the feeling of powerlessness or threat that makes them more prone to anger. Anger management for men is a treatment that is especially designed for men who have issues controlling their anger. This treatment mainly focuses on managing anger and effectively controlling it. Apart from that anger management helps understand the real reason that causes the problem and focuses on addressing and solving it. It includes group and individual therapy sessions that focuses on the core issues.

The time and the type of treatment depends upon your condition and how deeply rooted the problem is. In some cases certain medications are also given to reduce stress and depression. There are certain book that will be given to you for further help and reference. Anger management therapy also teaches plenty of other life improvement techniques like self awareness, self control and analysis, taking responsibilities and forgiveness techniques.

There are class’s healed all over the country and it is taught by professionals, thus you will be in good hands. It helps you focus on the important aspects of your life and help maintain peace within yourself. These classes can act as a guide towards the right path but it is up to you to follow the path and stick to it. Attending the classes and completing the sessions doesn’t mean you will never get angry again. You will encounter this emotion; however after attending the classes you will be able to tackle it in a better way. Once joined it is important to complete the course to get the maximum benefit out of it. Thus, if you think your anger is becoming a problem and it’s is draining you emotionally, mentally and physically, then it’s best to attend anger management classes.


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