Consumer Behavior

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

Consumer Behavior
Executive Summary
In any given society, business involvements should be aimed at marketing, and such kind of marketing should be done with close consideration of the marketing concepts, which should be put in place. In that case, there should be the need of making sure that there has been the appropriate utilization of customer behaviors as a way of fostering the necessary marketing orientation, which shall lead to the realization of the best of goals and marketing objectives. This paper shall thus give details on the consumer behavior concerning the animal rights and meat consumption. Such a study has been appropriate for this case because many individuals will be involved in consumption of meat based on a number of issues that might be social, cultural, informed consent or religious. All these factors will have adverse impacts on the behaviors with which different clients and customers are disposed. Therefore, the paper shall look at the segmentation into the consumers that have been affected by this issue, and how the consumers have been influenced by the external and internal influences within the society. There has also been elaborative information on how this report can be adequately adopted and utilized by marketers in different parts of the world.

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Segmentation Information 5
Effect of the Issues on the Consumers 5
Conclusion: How Report Can be Utilized by Marketers 7
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In any kind of business, there should be the need of coming up with appropriate marketing strategies which ensures that the necessary populations and clients have been reached with the business operations and by so doing promote the amount of income and profits which will have to be gained in the business (Mooij, 2004). While such kind of marketing is very necessary, the most important thing, which should be adequately presented, is the manner in which customers tend to show their personal behaviors concerning a given product, which is being passed across within the marketing operations. In that case, this is a study, which is aimed at seeing the kind of approaches and behaviors, which are noted with customers once they have been presented with animal meat and their own views when it comes to the issue of animal rights. Different societies and individuals from different societies tend to be variably segmented so that they have varied approaches and views pertaining to a given product, which has just been presented to them.
Going by animal rights and consumption of meat, we shall note that various individuals will be variably aligned so that they shall be disposed with different information and ideas on how they will be willing to show interest on a particular product, and especially the ones which are ingested into the body directly (Mooij, 2004). This paper shall thus be interesting in coming up with information and customer behaviors when it comes to the animal rights, relevant kind of understanding, and the kind of understanding they appear to have with the consumption of meat. The study shall as well be aimed at looking into how majority of the customers and consumers of meat products tend to be affected by the segmentation and issues relating to animals rights, culture and consumption of animal meat. The paper shall as well look at the major internal and external influence, which has been noted in the lives of these consumers and the CDM. As well, after the study, there will be the need of bringing out a new discussion on how the final report, which has been arrived at, can be adopted and used by marketers for business fulfillment.
Segmentation Information
Going by the issue of human rights and consumption of animal meat, there will be a number of issues, which have to be considered and be taken into consideration by very many individuals. In that sense, there will be a number of things, which definitely result in the segmentation of the consumers. To begin with, cultural dispositions would bring a line of separation in which the meat will be consumed. Different cultures have great respect for animals and as well might not be willing to take some kind of meat while other would greatly acknowledge such meat that has been presented to them. As well, religious groups shall also be differentiated in that different individuals will be willing to purchase and consume the meat depending on a number of spiritual understandings. In that sense, Muslims will not take meat, which has not been sanctified religious, while others will not consume meat from cows or pigs. Age and sex will also be other important values and elements of segmentation and which should be greatly noted.
Effect of the Issues on the Consumers
As noted above, the above issues leading to segmentation will definitely affect or affect the consumers through the segmentation process, which take place. For instance, when a person or a consumer believes as part of his religion that a given animal’s meat should not be consumed, then definitely this will greatly affect the decisions which will be made by such a consumer concerning the given meat product (Saren & Maclaran, 2005). In addition, someone from a Hindu decent will not by any chance consume meat, which had been derived from a cow since they hold such an animal to be very sacred. All kinds of cultural and political dispositions shall greatly affect the kind of decision, which shall be made by the individual (Samli, 1995).
Consumers will also view the product depending on issues to do with their age, their sex and the like. This means that some members of the public shall demand such products while others will have no business with such goods and products that have been presented. People who have strong understanding and who fight for the rights of the animals also provide another form of segmentation with the product (Baker & Michael, 2010). It would therefore be necessary for any business which will be willing to supply a meat product to any group of individuals to adequately look at such issues and come up with ways and measures with which the ultimate marketing goals and strategies shall have to be realized (Baker & Michael, 2010).
As more and more awareness has continued to infiltrate into the society, there have been new developments in which consumer behaviors have been changing. Such changes have been made by globalization while the same globalization bringing new faiths in some regions, and by so doing reducing the former consumer numbers for specific products. Segmentation variables will be of great interest and significance in ensuring that market penetration had been done in the appropriate manner possible (Saren & Maclaran, 2005). Such variables will be adopted in mapping the areas which marketing should be proliferated. They will also map some of the major marketing mixes and strategies which will have to be adopted towards the realization of the greatest goals and selling of the products so that the business can be on the right track towards the realization of goals and business objectives since this is the dream of each and every business organization. Price controls should also be understood to be another point of segmentation within the customers, and this is so because different individuals will make their purchasing decisions depending on the quality of life they are living and the amount of income they shall be wiling to spend (Samli, 1995).
Other internal and external influences might take shape into the lives of the consumers and the CDM. To begin with, the manner in which advertising and promotion is done happen to be two major external influences which might greatly affect the behaviors of the consumer within a given society. The price also will greatly influence the decisions and lives of the consumers (Winston, 2005). It would also be in order to note that some approaches through government taxation and legalities have as well been playing a major factor in determining or influencing the behaviors of the customers. Culture, tastes, and preferences are important internal factors, which influence such patterns and decisions or behaviors of the consumers (Mark & Saren, 2009). Economic standing is elemental as well, and the better the economy is, the more purchasing shall be desired from the behaviors of the consumers. This will be the exact thing when it comes to the consumption of meat and human rights as viewed by the consumers intended by the business organization (Winston, 2005).
Conclusion: How Marketers can utilize Report
Looking at this kind of report, which has been presented in this paper, we shall be willing to see that there has been the presentation of a number of approaches and theories that have the capability of enhancing better practices and ensuring that there has been the realization of the best goals. Towards such kind of business, there should be the view of the major issues of segmentation, which have been discussed and come up with a list with which such issues will be adequately utilized and come up with ways of market penetration (Baker & Michael, 2010). Marketers will also be in a position of using this report and realizing the major factors within the society, which greatly impact on the kind of decisions on the consumers and which present their behaviors. Once that has been understood, the next thing will include a procedure through which the major factors will be analyzed and be suggested within the marketing mix and strategies.
This will also play a major role in determining the major kinds of consumers who have to be reached with this marketing practice. The internal and external factors which might influence the kind of designs which are made by such customers and consumers can also be analyzed in coming up with the necessary decisions and areas which the marketers shall target towards supplying the necessary goods and materials or services. This is very useful and the business will be able to achieve its goals within the stated time and become the very best in the practice (Baker & Michael, 2010).

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