Concentration Techniques for Professional Writers

Dr. Purushothaman
October 10, 2013

It is incredibly hard to write when you find yourself with an inability to focus on the matter at hand. This is extra important for professional writers. Building up good concentration is something that most people have to work at. Here are some concentration techniques that can help to improve your writing experience.

Remove Distractions

If something is distracting you then it doesn't need to be in your work area. Distractions are different for everyone but once you identify something as a distraction than you should remove it immediately. Sometimes this means removing posters, changing the color of the walls, or simply cleaning up around your work area.

Take a Break

During work, concentration can often be improved by taking a break. Though this seems counterproductive there are sometimes when you are simply unable to concentrate because you are tired or have worked too long. If you feel you need breaks often then keep them extremely short, one or two minutes. Even a minute of doing something besides the task at hand is considered a break and can be one of the most effective concentration techniques.

Practice Regular Meditation

Meditation has been scientifically proven to change the way the mind works. Meditating regularly can greatly improve your ability to focus and concentrate. Since meditation is in fact itself a form of concentration it can be difficult for some. Do not worry; regular practice will soon culminate in results. Start out with ten or fifteen minutes every other day of meditative practice and slowly increase it.

Push yourself Just a Little More

One popular concentration technique that is used for sufferers of ADD is the method of pushing the attention span just a little bit each time concentration starts to slip. Concentration is in many ways a learned activity. When you feel that your mind is beginning to wander stop and make a commitment to yourself to concentrate on you set task for five more minutes before taking a break. Then make it ten, fifteen, so on until you feel your concentration is up to par.

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