Concentration and It's Effect On Memory Improvement

Dr. Purushothaman
October 10, 2013

As the title hints, concentration does have an effect on memory improvement. A way to improve your memory is to improve your concentration. Now focusing is the key here. To concentrate fully, you need to focus on what you're doing or thinking of. Focusing helps in memorizing so when you need to try and remember any specific kind of information, focusing will have helped you do so a lot easier.

The great news I have for you, is that concentration is a mental skill that you, yourself can improve. Now the ways in which you can improve concentration are twofold:

First, whatever the state of your surroundings is like, you should try to step-up the level of your brain's ability to concentrate. Put in another way, try to pay attention more than usual.

Second, create a suitable environment for yourself to be able to concentrate a lot easier. Creating a suitable environment, is very important when you engage yourself in an activity that requires you full attention. For example: trying to memorize a poem.

Brain powering up:

The process of improving concentration can take a bit of effort and time but nevertheless can be something really worth doing. There are those who notice a difference in their ability to concentrate in just a short space of time.

Some books covering the topic of neuro-plasticity suggest that the way in which the adult brain is structured and operates is not set in stone as it has always been suggested by scientists. Quite to the contrary, whenever you learn something new such as a skill, learn the new information by heart or improve the ways in which you do things, your brain's connections and neurons are subjected to change and development.

This discovery in itself is quite amazing, as it is provides more evidence that the capabilities of your brain including it's ability to concentrate in a way that is already effective, can still be improved further. According to research, these changes do not take effect on the spot though. For changes to really start to show, you have to keep working at it on a regular basis because what you are doing really is literally reforming your brain.

A question you probably have now is, how can I begin to improve my concentration? Which ways are most effective?

An answer to that is to try fitting in new habits to your daily schedule, that further increase your brain's power. Some of these habits are:

Games that further enhance your concentration: A research suggests that the more certain skills are made use of, the stronger their presence in the brain is. So in relation to this, playing games that are based on concentration and games which need focus can enhance the capability of your concentration.

Adopting a healthier way in selecting the foods you consume: In order to focus properly, your brain should be provided with the nutrients that are proper. This includes the proper regulation of your blood sugar as glucose is the most important nutrient consumed by your brain.

Meditation: Try to meditate twice a day, about 5 minutes in the morning and another 5 minutes in the evening before going to sleep. If you're new to meditation,I suggest a great guide titled "The Miracle of Mindfulness: The classic guide to meditation by the world's most revered master" [paperback] by Thich Nhat Hanh, rated 5 stars out of 5.

Sleep and rest: It is very necessary to get a lot of sleep and rest because without getting plenty of both you'll be unable to focus on your next day's activities which will likely lead to under-performance on your behalf.

Creating the ideal environment:

Apart from fitting into your daily schedule the above mentioned habits, build an environment that helps you concentrate better when performing an activity which requires your concentration.

Boost up your motivation by rewarding yourself. If the activity you're undertaking isn't exactly fun, but rather something you're really just doing because it needs getting done then create a reward for yourself that'll make you more motivated as you continue your task. For example, if your favourite comedy is going to start in an hour, say to yourself that you really need to complete your task in order to be able to watch the sitcom in an hour.
Thinking of the motivating event due to take place in an hour can help further motivate you and make you feel better as you come to completing your task.

Avoid getting distracted. Bring to a stop any loud sounds that may distract you and if it is not possible change your location. You might be interested to find out that playing music of a soft and instrumental nature can effect positively on your concentration.

It is well known that the human brain enjoys routine. Specialize a place in your environment to maintain activities which require your concentration. Try making it a habit to maintain the performance of the same kinds of activities in that same place everytime. Avoid performing activities such as your hobbies in places where your body and mind are used to other things taking place. For example: in your living room where your family gathers to watch tv as this will make you lose concentration.

The effect of colors on memory: This might sound unusual or strange even, but colors according to a study, have an effect on the human brain! Green light for one, improves concentration according to a recent study. So get buying those green bulbs and install them for use when it's dark and if the green light's not working get red instead!

Yes, that's right! As another study indicates that red helps improve not only concentration but also memory and blue, improves creativity!


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