Comparison Between an Aquarius Man and a Scorpio Man Via Astrology

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

Today, a big population of people believe in Astrology. It is a science that is believed to show the future of people. Yes, it’s true to a big extent but bigger is the fact that astrology is not hundred percent correct. We mean that the information that is calculated by the astrologers is correct to only an extent and no one can tell what exactly is stored in another person’s future. The below page is an attempt to reveal about the general life qualities of an Aquarius Man followed by a small comparison of him with the life qualities of a Scorpio Man .

Starting with:

1.Aquarian men are mostly open minded and very friendly. They are very optimistic towards life. They do not believe in snatching any opportunity from others. Rather, they believe in giving every person an opportunity to grow. They are very affectionate and generous. 2.They can be perfect partners for any relationship. They stand most compatible with Sagittarian women. 3.They are extremely brainy born with genius minds. Other people can think that they are nonsensical but their way of making any conclusion is just unmatchable. They always follow the most unique way to reach their success and get want they want.

4.Yes, they are moody but mostly they are filled with great humor. A person will always enjoy the company of an Aquarian man.

They can make the best friends that one can have. They are the most loyal friends that one can have and a true promise maker. On the other hand, if we talk about a Scorpio Man :

1.They can make the best love partners among all. They are said to form a very rare breed because they love their partners with the best passion. They are extremely sensitive and immensely understandable towards their partner.

2.They are very dedicated and intensely self-sufficient.

3.They are big moodies, one minute they are hot with anger, second minute they are cold.

4.They are sometimes jealous and intense but they are very devotional.

5.They have a dual natured characteristic but that totally depends upon how you are with them. They won’t hurt you unless you hurt them.

For more information about both the horoscopes, you can search online for a genuine astrology help like, a professional astrology website. Don’t just trust any frauds, stay cautious. Use the professional advices and follow the right track. All the Best!

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The author is a passionate writer, who has keen interests in learning about astrology. Her detailed research into astrology has bought out deep information about an Aquarius Man and a Scorpio Man . How they are different and what are the similarities between them.For more information

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