Clutter Free Living Tips

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014

Wouldn't it be great to live clutter free? To keep only those items you require and use and nothing more? If you have numerous in your home that constantly gets in your way and prevent you from inviting company for an evening meal, it's time to seize mastery of the circumstanc.
Doing it all at in one go is not a smart idea. It may be hard to get rid of several items or the job can look overwhelming. It could appear like such an overwhelming mission that you procrastinate and never finish it. So it's better to take care of it in chunks and enjoy a feeling of achievement that will hearten you to keep going.
Here are 5 techniques and ideas to assist you control the clutter.
1. Donate often! Keep a box in a closet and one in the garage for items to donate. When deciding what to wear and finding an item I no longer need, I throw it in the container. When I find a top or scarf in the dresser drawer that I don't need, I throw it in the bin. When I obtain new clothes, I find one to donate. I employ this same plan of action throughout the condominium. Once a month I visit to the GoodWill and empty the boxes.
2. Empty the Refrigerator weekly! Near the end of the week, I scour my refrigerator to see what food items I can throw. I do this prior to grocery buying, that way I know what I should to buy.
3. Don't shop catalogs! Quit perusing every brochures you receive in the mail. Practically all of the time you acquire sales catalog items on impulse. You won't wish it, but purely saw it and thought to yourself, "I want that." You can put by a lot of cash avoiding spur of the minute spending. Not looking through these catalogs saves you a large amount of cash and provides you time to search out an interest or passion. Remove your name from all the junk mailing lists and when you get a catalog in the mail, throw it in the recycle container right away.
4. Store things you don't use often! Anything you won't use over and over should go in the attic, basement, or garage. Organize the possessions in boxes properly marked. Once a year sift through them, and if you recognize that you haven't used the item, make a gift of it.
5. A place for everything...and everything in it's place! I'm a neatness fanatic and was brought up to regularly store toys when I was done using them. When I bake, I clean up the pans and immediately place them in the cupboard. When I pull things out of the medicine cupboard, I place them back on the rack when I'm finished with them. If you get in the consistent custom of utilizing and then returning things back where they belong, you can invariably discover them, and your countertops and desktops will constantly be clutter free.
I hope a few of these tips assist you get your dwelling cleaned up and keep it that way.

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