Climbing Over Life Challenges

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

Have you ever had a time when your life was going along so smoothly until out of the blue a challenge appears? Most of the time, it arrives at an unexpected moment. The key is not that a challenge has occurred but rather our reaction to the challenge. Detours are guaranteed with life. We have two choices when confronted with them. We can allow them to stop us or be armed with an effective strategy that will enable us to overcome them. We can use a method called climb.

Sometimes problems can appear to be like an illusion of a huge mountain that we cannot pass. There is a strategy that we can use to effectively conquer those mountains. The strategy is found in an acronym that I have created called CLIMB. C is for Calm. Focus on facing the challenge in a calm composed approach. L is for leader. What would a leader do in a time of crisis? A leader would lead with courage. Become a leader in the wake of each detour. The letter I is for initiative. Take immediate initiative in brainstorming and writing down possible solutions to meet the challenge. For each possible solution analyze the steps that you should take that will bring closure to the challenge the fastest. The letter M is for maintain. Maintain practicing patience throughout the journey of conquering your problem to make sure you keep a clear state of mind. The letter B is for Believe. Belief will carry you through any obstacle that life's challenges can send your way. Belief in yourself, your strength and your faith of choice will catapult you to being a successful climber in any area of life that you place your focus.


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