Choose Positive Thinking - Believe in Yourself

Dr. Purushothaman
September 21, 2013

Positive thinking is a mental attitude which can help us manage to overcome life obstacles and to make our dreams come true. It is a mental attitude which can help us accomplish great results. A positive thinking anticipates happiness, joy, health. Through positive thinking we can initiate great actions and have exceptional accomplishments.

Not everyone accepts and believes in positive thinking. Some believe it is nonsense; others make fun of those who believe in it. Also, among the ones who believe in positive thinking, many do not know how to use it efficiently for their benefit. This subject has become more and more popular, numerous books and articles debate around positive thinking and its importance in our career and life.
Very frequently we can hear the advice "Think Positively! Be Optimistic!" for those in need, depressed and worried. Many do not take this advice, as they think it makes no sense and that it is not useful and efficient. How many people really think: "What can positive thinking do for me?"

First, both positive thinking and negative thinking are "contagious". Through our own way of thinking, of reacting and of acting, we all have a way of influencing ourselves - physically and psychically - as well as influencing the ones around us. This is happening instinctively, in the back of our mind, through the impact of our own thoughts, emotions and feelings over our life, as well as through the transfer of these thoughts and emotions to the ones close to us. Even if they might not realize this, the people around us are influenced by our thoughts and feelings. Proved by the fact that we are all looking for the company of persons with positive thinking and instinctively we stay away of persons with negative thinking.

Negative thoughts, words and attitudes produce negative feelings and actions. When we have negative thoughts, the body releases some un-healthy substances into our blood, causing even more unhappiness and negativity. Negative thinking uses all of our energy, generating chain reactions and bad decisions, disappointment, failure and even bad health.

To have a positive thinking, we have to practice, practice and practice. Our attitude and thoughts can not dramatically change over night. But the benefits could be amazing: optimists and positive thinkers have better health, enjoy stronger relationships, experience less stress and have a more productive life and career. The power of our mind is amazing and it basically drives our life.
Those who habitually practice positive thinking have more accomplishments in life, which can reduce the stress levels. Make a conscious effort to think about positive and benefic situations. Use positive words, smile and smile, and never give up! Try to look at the glass half full instead of half empty, and soon the glass will fill-up. Do this consciously, expect only positive results, believe in yourself and your abilities, and you will experience less stress.

There are many people today who can consider themselves positive thinkers, living a happy and fulfilling life. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Believe in yourself, in your heart and your mind. There are no limits, except the ones set by ourselves.


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