Children Problems

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

All youngsters have behavior issues, some being tougher to just accept than others. a number of these behaviors will cause youngsters to be aggressive, hostile and tough to handle, which can emphasize their several limitations. As oldsters we tend to square measure our children's 1st and foremost teacher. we'd like to determine our set up for accomplishing rules and expectations.

Once youngsters react with aggression towards what was ostensibly a straightforward request the underlying principle is also one amongst frustration. If tasks they might accomplish yesterday cannot be done these days, they become angry. If the tasks become harder or additional restrictions square measure applied, they'll react with anger.

When expectations square measure raised, youngsters might become fearful that they can not accomplish what's expected. The concern might become overwhelming inflicting youngsters to react to others in an exceedingly negative manner. the sort of aggression exhibited is decided by the issues that square measure conferred.

Typically refined actions like not intake their food or bed wetting is also their response. typically additional violent actions become the way of dominant matters. It becomes clear that although the youngsters cannot communicate their frustration, they'll act out the frustration and reach attention.

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