Children and happiness, ingredients for a happy life!

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

There is no greater joy than the twinkle in a child's eye, and the ringing laughter that can make your day as bright as ever. They give you unconditional love and are oblivious to sadness. Being with a child makes one forget the mundane things in life.
But, we have ridiculous incidents of child battering in our society, which is horrifying and only leads to anger.

Picture this, Major (retd) Lalit Balhara and his second wife Preeti Balhara are guilty of battering a minor boy and trying to kill him after the victim's mother, herself an Army captain, had died in 2000. The boy now 13 is a victim of ‘battered baby' syndrome.

The monster parents have been sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment but will it bring back little Shaurya's life? His childhood has been tarnished leaving dark tales and horrifying situations.

This is one of the few shocking incidents that children are subjected to in our society. When parents become monsters, it's but a tragedy for the child whose innocence and childhood is taken away and dreams smashed. It leaves you stunned and stoic. In a society like India, we look upon parents as Gods, who have the right to our life and life's important decisions. Yet, we fail to realise the effect that this glorified status leads to.
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Children are victims of physical and sexual assault, which leaves them depressed and deprived of love and care. They are tormented and need a whole lot of love and time to recover from the past. A child is raped by her father, and tortured for personal and monetary pleasures. Yet there is no severe punishment meted out. No stringent laws to safeguard a child's right to live.

Does this leave you fuming? Does the anger lead to laws that help children live a life free of greed and hatred? These are but the follies of man, in a society that has been plagued by evil.

Let's make the world a beautiful place for our children. Let there be bursts of laughter and broad smiles on every child's face. Let's work to make this world a safer place :)

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