Child Care

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

Child care is the supervising and caring for children.The age bracket that needs

childcare is between the ages of zero up to the age of eight years.Nowdays this field of

childcare is called early childhood education.Due to the understanding of the impacts of

early experience s of developing child, childcare is composed many topics covering a

wide spectrum of contexts,activities and cultural convections.The majority of child care

centers and institutions that are that require that whose provide childcare have an

extensive training in carrying the CPR certified.In addition their background

checks,drug testing and reference verification are normally a requiment of this


Childcare is normally a tradition in the western society whereby children are well

taken care of by either their parents or legal guardians.In families whereby children with

both of their parents the childcare role may also be taken on by the extended family is

willing is willing to care for the children.Orphanages are way of providing this care

including of well housing and schooling. In nursing homes children are well taken care

of each childcare home has a specific number of children to care of depending on the

number of children in a home,the children utilizing in home.The children utilizing in-

home careen joy the greatest amount of interaction with their caregiver forming a closing

bond.There are no required licensing or background checks for income care making

parental valance essential is in choosing an appropriate caregiver,and the cost of in

home care is the highest of the care options per child trough a household with many

children may this most convenient and affordable option.At the same time,a nanny or au

- pairs are not always the best methods of childcare it confines the child into a world of

their own.It keeps them interacting with other children a lot of the same time.Hence as

mentioned earlier the care givers do not need licenses or background checks so there is

no way of telling if a person is really qualified or has criminal background unless you

live in a country where there is an option of of obtaining home based care through

government licensed agency.These options should be taken into consideration when

making a choice of which kind of care to choose from

Family care is provided from a caregiver˜s personal home-making atmosphere

similar to a child's home. State licensing requirements also vary so the parent should

conduct careful interviews and home-based inspections as well as a complete

background, check the caregiver's license. any complaints against the caregiver will be

documented and made available to the public record. Family care depends upon

relative levels of state subsidy for center-based care generally the most affordable option

and often offers greater flexibility in the hours available for care. In addition family care

generally has a small ratio of children in care interaction between child and provider than

would be had at commercial centers.

The problem of bone formation rate can be dealt with (BFR) can be appropriately

Using the following strategies. First is by involving young kids in active games

especially those who are away from the tropics whereby we have limited sunlight.

Children should care for by ensuring that They receive enough rays from the sun so

that they will be able to make vitamin D within,

.their bodies and enables them to develop strong bones and teeth. Second is by ensuring

that childcare centers have enough ground where the children play

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