Child and Adolescent Psychology

Dr. Purushothaman
September 5, 2013

Children and adolescents are known to experience a wide range of psychological and educational difficulties. The aim of this specialisation is to acquire in-depth knowledge about:

Theoretical models of social and cognitive development and the interplay of risk and protective factors in atypical development
Ways to differentiate atypical from typical development and the use of classification systems of childhood disorders
Choosing and applying the most appropriate intervention strategy for each problem area.

This programme offers intensive courses in developmental psychopathology and learning problems. Moreover, the specialisation helps students translate theory into practice in addressing the varied needs and difficulties experienced by children and adolescents. It also promotes the development of key skills for clinical and educational work with young people, and prepares students for entry into post-master’s training programmes and employment in education and mental health institutions. The focus is on psychological and educational problems in childhood and adolescence, but a good understanding of atypical development requires a solid understanding of normal development.

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