Charles Holmes writes The Little Book About Big Success

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

The Little Book About Big Success is a brilliant handbook designed to help individuals reach success. By analyzing ourselves, which includes a thoughtful look at our past, present, and future, author Charles Holmes challenges readers with the thought provoking question, "Are you really happy?"

The reader is taken on a journey of self exploration. Along the voyage, certain steps are revealed that are key to achieving happiness. The author takes a stand against what we have been taught since childhood regarding what it means to be successful. That deep-rooted message: Happiness means acquiring extreme wealth and surrounding ourselves with superficial goods.

The author takes us on a different path to success, one that leads to true happiness of the self, or in other words, the spirit. A success goal that emphasizes faith and family is as much a necessity to happiness as acquiring wealth. The author asks the reader, "Are you ready to sacrifice your faith and family for success? Can you?" We are asked to look around at our family, loved ones, and faith, and ponder the question, "If I was rich beyond my dreams, and they were not with me, would I truly be happy?"

We are not told how to live, but how to live well, which in turn leads to success. When reading the book, readers find themselves looking inwardly at their dreams and goals which become defined and distinguished. The reader is taken on an exploration to discover how to be happy, both internally and externally, without losing what one holds most dear - family and faith in a higher power.

What makes the book so distinctive and appealing is how the author emphasizes a sense of self worth entwined with family, faith, and relationships with others, which must be put into perspective before achieving financial success.

Charles invites the reader, after self examination, to use his ten important success principles and twelve qualities of successful people. Not only are these tools essential to be successful in business, but essential for what life throws at us.

What makes this book unique and engaging is how it shakes off the stereotypes of what it means to be successful. We all have the courage within us to be successful once we unlearn what society has taught us. The author teaches us that family, faith, and community spirit, are important keys to becoming successful, and as a result, happy.

The book is inspirational because it teaches us that success may not be what has been taught to us: "Only extreme wealth will make us happy and fulfilled." We are asked, "Are you prepared to give up family, faith, and community spirit to be successful?" If so, will you be happy? The author teaches us that "yes," to be successful, there will be sacrifices, but it does not have to be those we hold most dear.

I highly recommend this book to those interested in achieving financial, spiritual and personal success.

Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services Reviewer

Title:The Little Book About Big Success
Author: Charles Holmes
Paperback: 91 pages
Publisher: Infinity 7, 2006) ISBN:0741433958

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