How To Save Money Like Rich People

Dr. Purushothaman
September 6, 2013

Did you know you can change your financial status by just changing your thinking? Yes, you can. You can change the world around you, even the financial world around you by changing your thinking pattern.

The thinking pattern of the rich is almost all of the time the opposite of that of the poor. The rich think differently, and all you will need to do to prosper is to change your thinking pattern. Think like the rich and you will become rich.

At the root of the poverty, lack, and deprivation a lot of people are suffering is wrong thinking. Our thinking pattern is our undoing. The earlier we address this, the better and faster we move into our glorious financial destiny.

Friend, if you would think like the rich, you would end up a rich person. What your thinking pattern does for you is it helps you take the necessary steps that will ultimately bring you into financial abundance and freedom.

Right thinking empowers a person to do right things and ultimately live a right life. It is mentality that determines reality. At the root of great financial destinies are great thoughts.

Listen to this; the thinking that brings wealth and riches in this information age is a great distance away from what made for wealth in the industrial age. We have migrated from the Age of Manpower to the Age of Mindpower. In this new age, you are no longer rewarded for the hours you put in but for what you put into those hours.

The way you think and get results today is totally different from the way it might have been in the past. Today, you are paid for accomplishments, not activities. You are paid for outcomes rather than for inputs or the number of hours you work. Your rewards are determined by the quality and quantity of results you achieve in your area of responsibility. You need to think differently in this age to fulfill your financial destiny.

Why a lot cannot save money but will rather go out on a spending drift is all about their wrong thinking. As a result of this many have drifted into huge debt that has brought financial trouble into their home and marriage.

To some, as a result of their same wrong thinking, investing is risky. They will rather think financial security than financial freedom. The rich don’t think of avoiding risk, they rather think in terms of managing risk.

Many people are caged in an old paradigm: They believe that the only way they can make more money is by increasing the amount of work they do or the number of hours they put into the work. In fact, many people feel guilty if they are not working their hearts out. However, this is an old way of thinking that leads inevitably to a physical, emotional, and spiritual dead end.

You need to learn how to think the way the rich and high achievers think and to take the actions they take to become rich and wealthy.

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