Change Your Health Fundamentals to Live Materially & Spiritually Healthy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


Everyone desires wealth, a better world, and a brighter future. Most of us work extremely hard to get there, even at the expense of our health. We take our physical health for granted and place inordinate amount of stress on our system. The result of that is we gain wealth now but pay with our health later in our years. Our fundamental value of how we perceive our health must change to avoid landing into some chronically diseases. Irony is that everyone desires to be in a place where people are free of ailments and worries; and everything is fresh and vibrant. But we unconsciously or consciously never make it there.
How can you possibly change that? It requires a fundamental change in placing value on yourself and your health first. Health is wealth, this old saying so true. Ask yourself if you are living to work or are you working to live. Those are two different things; when you are living to work your reason for your existence is to just work hard. On the other hand, when you are working to live, you strive hard to earn enough just for your needs and balance your time in keeping a healthy body and savor life. This is what health fundamentals are also about.
Fundamentally, being healthy should be your number one priority. When you are in good health, you can perform your tasks well and as well enjoy leisure activities with your loved ones. Yes, when you are healthy, you can also build more healthy relationships through patience, love, and bonding. To promote good health among your loved ones, good health must be reflected within you first. You cannot promote something that you do not have.
When your body is healthy, your mind follows suit. You can think clearly, decide wisely and do things almost perfectly. Eat healthy and engage in healthy activities like yoga and meditation. What you take in your body will reflect on what you do. When you are nourished, you can also nourish your loved ones. Your renewed health fundamentals will also let you keep in touch with your inner self.
Your inner self is a power that resides in the depth of your being. When you are in touch with this power, you can have strength and wisdom in continuing your life even if it is full of struggles and hardships. Living with such fundamental principles in life, even during these hard times, you will keep your health. Getting in touch with your inner self will also let you bless your relationship and bless the world. They say if you are noble, you will find the world noble.
However, today not everyone practices this fundamental knowledge that first promotes health in body and then in mind and spirit. Once we loose our physical health, we loose material and spiritual wealth as well. If we have good health in our body mind and spirit, only then we can spread this wellness to others around us and feel content & peaceful.
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