Career Personality Aptitude Test

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

A career that you wanted in the future may be the one to take you up to the top. Many aspiring graduates want to pursue and have a job that is related or is actually what they have worked out during their college years. They wanted to not waste what they have worked for along with the things that they have sacrificed to get that diploma.

Searching and obtaining the career that you enjoy will be the one that can motivate you to go to work every single day. By determining and practicing your strengths, you can open the door towards opportunities of being a professional in the future.

There are two general types of personality tests. First, projective test which presumes personality as the primary and unconsciously assesses an individual by the way he or she responds to stimuli that are considered to be ambiguous such as an ink blot. This is where unconscious needs are revealed in his or her responses such as seeing an image of destruction which means the person is an aggressive type. The other type is the objective test wherein personality is readily accessible and is consciously measured by using self-report questionnaires. Researches revealed that taking into account psychological assessments, it was found that objective tests are more reliable and valid compared to the projective tests.

One of the tests that help an individual in choosing an appropriate career to pursue is by taking a career aptitude test. This is where you should be honest and consider your first instinct to answer the questions. This can also help you determine your natural preferences and strengths. By using these preferences and strengths, the test tries to find and match up a perfect career for you. It is also a way to narrow down or open up choices you may want to explore for your future.

The career aptitude test is just one of the three types of career test. This measures your capability to do tasks in areas such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, acuity, analytical ability, perceptual ability, spatial ability, and technical ability. This is one of the keys to fully understanding what your interests are and developing the skills that you need to progress in that career.

In taking a career aptitude test, you should also consider its one weakness. The test will only take in and analyze what you are capable of today and this type of test will have no way of determining how far or how great you are going to be once your perfect career is in your hands and when you start to follow that direction.


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