Career Aptitude Test: The Right Way to Move Forward

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

There is no certainty or assurance in any aspect of life, including one’s career. However, if there are tools available that can help us plan ahead and take the right turns in life, we should definitely capitalize and make the most of them. These tools are guiding factors and provide a scale of suitability which can be used to measure ourselves against it. If we score well, we know where we stand and gain confidence to face situations. If the score is mediocre, then we know that the decision is not the best plan to go ahead.

Career aptitude tests would fit that category perfectly. They help you assess your skill sets against your chosen career path and can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This kind of measured understanding helps you in defining your profile as a professional and also provides you scope for focused improvement. It is always better to know where you are lacking, so you can actually move from strength to strength, fastening the loopholes as you go along.

Also, some of your inherent traits will be highlighted through these aptitude tests. Today’s employers are not only looking for good technical knowledge and well learned theories, but an all-rounder is welcomed at any level in an organization. A person who knows that he can handle the role well and understands its demands is definitely more likely to perform better. What’s more? He can be a motivation to others and prove himself to be a valuable asset for the organization.

Career aptitude tests are based around a specialized format that is used to check various basic skills like:

* Verbal reasoning
* Numeric efficiency
* Perceptual and spatial visualization
* Technical abilities
* Analytical thinking

There are various ways to take the test. A lot of credited sites offer them and if done honestly, they can produce viable results which can give a person good judgment over his values, abilities and strengths. It will highlight the capabilities that he can use to get into any organization. Also, career aptitude can help you decide your preferences as well. After the test, there are ways to match them against different databases and find a range of jobs suitable to your criterion. It is something one can avail at any given point in their career. Whether seeking a new job, or even looking for an entire career change option, these aptitude tests are specifically designed to help you determine the right factors to take you upwards in your chosen career path.

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